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Just doing some crafting...

Hi everyone! So, I have now done a total of 4 live Facebook videos on crochet! Wow!!! I have a dear friend who is learning how to do it, and wondered if I would help. Well, of course!
  The first three were on one day, because I didn't have everything where I needed it, kids, Matt Fry (hahaha!), and such made it more complicated. Today I did one, and it was all in one video. And it was over an hour long... yowza! I enjoyed the live videos, though; people can ask questions in real time, and I can answer them as best I know how. Shelley and I have talked about doing YouTube videos, but this is, I think, the next best thing.
  So, the first three were crochet basics, and this latest one was various stitches. I decided, with the help of my friend, to do a washcloth, and found a free pattern for us to use:
If anyone else wants to participate, just download the pattern, and I will be live streaming from Facebook on Wednesday, March …

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