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Finally a minute to sit!

I missed last week's post. Darnit. I was doing so good too. I do have a good reason though! I was planning my husband's 40th birthday party, and there was a lot to do, and I just didn't have anything to write this past week. This is a new week, and I have managed to scrounge up an idea or two for this week. This every week thing can get a little overwhelming when life keeps throwing giant laundry piles and dishes at you. *Eyes clean laundry waiting to be folded* yes, yes, I see you... in a minute!
  So, I have a couple of commissions I am working on currently. I have a couple more in the back burner right now, as I am waiting to see how we are going to proceed, but I am keeping busy in the meantime. So far, I have completed one Pussy Hat, and am ready to cast on the second one. I was given two skeins of Manos del Uruguay to make a hat with, and I was super excited to use it, since Manos is one of those companies that does good. I was saddened, though, when I went to win…

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