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Meet a Maker!

It is a lovely, warm Tuesday here in the Twin Cities. I am spending it in my jammies, in the air conditioning. One reason is that I had a recent bout of Basil Cell skin cancer, and I really don't want to trigger it with too much sun again. Another is that I am not a good gardener or landscaper, nor do I have much interest in it. I kind of want to set up the pool we bought, though, and that is fighting with my selfish, ac loving body. Ah well.
  So, at the church where my husband is the parish pastor, is a very crafty lady named Paula.

  She is into cardmaking and stamping, as well as crocheting. We got to chatting not long ago about her stamps, and I was intrigued with her organizational style for them. I like to be organized, and fail miserably at it often, but her way was so interesting that I asked if she would let me interview her and take a few pictures. Gracious as always, she said sure!
  Once a month, I and the craft ladies at church choose a Saturday to get together, a…

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