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Checking in!

Coffee? Check. Welcome to Nightvale on headset? Check. (I'm only on episode 32, Yellow Helicopters) New project on my hook? Dear heavens, check! Yeah... I have another new project on my hook. My 29 year old son is going to be leaving for an overseas trip on Friday, and I decided to make him a passport cover/wallet. I thought I would have until Monday, but nope, his ticket is for the dead hours of Friday. So, I need to get my keister in gear!

I am using Tunisian, or Afghan, crochet to create the fabric for this project. Unlike regular crochet, this uses a long hook, and you pick up stitches going right, then crochet to the left. I haven't made any sort of video using this technique, because I haven't gotten around to it for one, and there are a great many better videos out there to watch. Here is one that I found helpful:
I am using a size G hook, and worsted weight cotton yarn by Loops & Threads Cotton Club. The pictures don't really show the true color, which is …

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