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So many projects, so little time!

And so, having fully recovered from a lovely vacation in Texas, I am back to write another little thing for you. Also, I found this today at the local Hyvee:
 For the record, it tastes better than I recall.

  And now on to crafty things! I have been burnt out on a pair of socks, so I am taking a tiny break from them, and the pussy hats, to work on a couple of things for me. I have been crocheting a mandala jacket from a pattern I found on Pinterest. Nadia Fuad of created this, and it is so fun, and easy! It uses worsted weight, and I just happen to have a LOT of white worsted weight lying around.

The one on the left is Nadia's, and she made it with Red Heart Super Save Ombre. Mine, unfinished on the the right, is being made with a leftover bit of rainbow color from Red Heart, and a boat load of Caron Dazzle Aire, in white. It has a bit of a shimmer to it. It's also soft, which helps. I apologize for the picture; had to take a fast one while I had a …

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