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Happy October!

Yes, yes, I know it is October 17th, so a little late with the whole "happy October" thing, but this is the first time I have had the energy and time to sit and write something. I had hoped to be writing every week again, but this year is going to kick my butt. Lug is a sophomore, which means higher level work for me to do. Packie is in 6th, but he learns different from Lug, so I can't do things the same way I did with him, and that packs on the work too. Luckily, bujos save the day every week.
  I am crafting away, but not for my family this year. Normally I like to make a bunch of stuff for family members, but I decided instead to take a commission from a very dear friend. I am making a lot of gifts for her to give to her family this year, and so I will be buying gifts for family instead. Not really sure how many hats/doilies/etc my family wants anymore anyway, haha! So, I have everything set up for my friend's gifts, patterns picked out (mostly), and have begun…

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