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It's Friday!!!!

Hey! Got a little time to write a little something, so here I am! I have been working a lot more hours, as I have said in prior posts, and I think I am finally settled into the routine. So, got some dubstep in the headphones (Engine-Earz, etc), a husband on the other computer playing some Lord of the Rings online, and...oh no... no coffee!!! Keven, HELP! Oh, wait, I have a boy wandering around, looking for a task...bring me coffee!!
  Anyway, I have been very busy making baby booties at work. I already sold one pair, and have another 2 pairs up for sale at the shop I work at ( The original pattern is this: I have made the adult ones too; Shelley is a proud owner of a pair, as is my mom! I really like this pattern; it gets easier to do each time as my fingers get the muscle memory.

 I love being able to crochet, as well as knit, and embroider, and sew, etc. Jill of all trades, mistres…

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