A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting stuff together for this blog.  Life has a funny way of getting in the way of projects sometimes, doesn't it?  I finally figured out how to add pages to the blog, so I have an About Us page, and a Photos page.  Organization for the win!
  My fingers haven't been sitting completely idle.  Now that dear hubby has graduated, I can concentrate on getting more things done for the store.  Shelley and I have been keeping an eye on the whole "tax on internet sales" bill, and we're hoping it doesn't pass, since we would have to close down any online presence for sales, and concentrate on craft fairs.  Cross your fingers folks!  I like etsy, and would really hate to close down our little online store.
  I have a friend who is having a yard sale in July (tentatively set for July 5,6 and 7), and she kindly offered to let me put a couple of things in her sale.  YAY!  She sells candles (see her at Hand Crafted Luminaries And Scents), and they smell divine!  She gave me a Black Cherry/Vanilla one, and it's still my favorite scent.  Reminds me of summer, which will come to us someday soon, right?
  I've been making my little bathroom/kitchen sets, and I've got 2 sets listed, and a couple more finished.  For some reason I thought I had more, but I've been a bit busy (see hubby's graduation after 7 years of school!!).  I will have other things to post soon enough!
  Lately, I've been thinking of other things I could craft besides the sets.  I'm working on creating my own designs, but it's slow going.  It doesn't help that I get bored; I like variety, and quick to make projects.  Recently, we were at The House on the Rock, and we were in one of my favorite sections, the Dollhouse section.  I remember I had a friend named Anna who had, in my eyes, the coolest doll house.  It had 3 (or was it 4?) levels, with tons of furniture and dolls, and I would want to play with it all the time.  I had one of my own, but it was a ranch style, and was much smaller, with plastic furniture, and while I appreciate that I had it now, back then I was a little jealous.  Well, flash forward to 2013, walking through that section, and I got inspired.  Who makes all the little cloth accessories in those houses?  I went online afterwards, looking for doilies, and guess what?  Most modern ones are made of laser cut paper.  Makes sense, since it's so small, but I got to thinking... with the right hook and thread, I might be able to make tiny doilies.  Yes, I'm nuts, but it's something I've been kicking around awhile, so I hope to get something designed soon.
  I'm hoping to, seriously, post once a week on here, whether or not I've made something show.  It will be a good habit, and I hope you all will bear with me in my insanities!


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