Ravelry, the Return!

  I've been busy here since I got off of work, updating my Ravelry.com database.  I hadn't updated my magazines, books, yarn, needles or projects in so long.  Bad me, bad me!
  Well, now my little profile and lists are (mostly) updated.  I need to take pictures of current and finished projects, so that I can direct people to this blog, and my ravelry account.  I also need to update my stash inventory, but since I tend to ball up my yarn, and not hold onto the ball bands, it's a wee bit difficult (read: damn near impossible!).  I know that a great deal of it is Red Heart Super Saver, but as to original yardage, or color, etc, I couldn't tell ya.  Oh well.  I'll just put in the stuff I do know, and let the rest languish.  It will make it look like I have my stash under control, right?
  I spent a good deal of yesterday organizing my craft shelves.  I creatively acquired a few small boxes from Jason downstairs... ok, so I raided his used box stash.  He wasn't using them anyway.  I also sacrificed the soft sided cube that I used to keep my unmentionables in for works in progress (hereafter known as wips).  I have too many wips, and not enough finished ones.  What can I say, I enjoy starting things!  But, I found all my books and magazines, put charts and such back into the Binder of Goodness (aka my knitting and crochet bible), and threw away a couple of pitiful remnants that were never going to be used.
  Speaking of getting things done... I need to feed the children, then set up to take pictures of wips and finished articles, and maybe finish up a couple of these bad boys.  Yay for progress and organization!

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