Yikes, behind on the blogging!

... but not on the creating!  I finished a lapghan (that's a word I recently acquired; it stands for a small afghan), and I am almost done with a scarf. (correction: I finished the scarf!)  I have another afghan started for Steven, a potluck cover thing for a 9x13 casserole started, a doily, and a baby blanket for Shelley's niece.  And I haven't even started the 2 hippo hats I need to make for a lady at the bank, who wants them for Christmas.  *phew*
  I currently have no camera.  Bren, the little stinker, was using it, and then got excited and smashed it into the tree outside.  It's dead, Jim.  Damnit.  I may have one I can use, temporarily, but until then, pictures will be few and far between.
  I still haven't been able to get the baby blankets to my cousin and sister.  We have no car, currently, although that will change after next week.   It's starting to look like I won't see anyone until Thanksgiving, blah.  The price I pay for living so far north, I suppose. 
  This post feels so, so... light.  I have nothing without pictures!!!  Guess it's time to get back to the crafting grindstone, lol!

  2 Dainty Crafters, aka Alyssa and Shelley


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