I'm crafting as fast as I can!

  Howdy all! I've been keeping myself busy lately, with all of my crocheting/knitting/cross-stitch for Christmas. I'm starting to feel the pressure just a wee bit... *twitch*.
  At any rate, I had to take a break from all of that for a couple of days. So what did I do during that 2 day hiatus, you might ask? I built a... *wait for it*... doll house! Yes! A dollhouse! Wanna see??
 There are a lot of pictures, so you'll have to bear with me a bit. I forgot to take a picture of the baseplate before I put up walls, but I painted the porch floor to look like old wood. Then I painted the living room/dining area a flat brown. The kitchen I did black and white for a tile look.

 The yellow on the kitchen walls was too dark/egg yolky, and the red on the main room walls was too light.

 By this point, I had dimpled white all over the kitchen walls to make it look like it was aged, and not egg splattered.
 I also darkened the red (less Campbells), and made the white wainscot a bit more white.

 kitchen bay window
 main room bay window


 completed, without paint.

 with the furniture supplied with the kit; this will be sanded and painted as well.

 easy chair with the pillow I made for it!
 tiny rug!
  So... this is what I did for two days. I am tired, but so damn happy! I have glue burns, paint stains, and a twitch, but that was so worth it! Now I have something I can use for sizing/displaying the tiny items I want to make. Yay for artistic insanity!
  I'm still working on hippo hats; I should have those buggers done either this week, or next. Yay!
Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Love, Dainty Crafter Alyssa!!


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