After Christmas!

  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I didn't get all of my gifts done on time (sorry Steven!!!), but I did get most of them together, and that was quite a feat!
  I decided to take a few days and do some non-gift things. So, I painted the outside of my dollhouse:

I went with a bold, smurfy blue, with white and blue trim. I haven't looked to see if I kept my shingles yet for the roof. I should probably do that sometime soon. I also measured the windows, and I'm brainstorming lace curtain ideas. So far, nothing is working, but fear not! I shall prevail! After I finish 2 doilies, make a cowl for Kev, work on Steven's blanket, make coasters for Betty, finish Mom's scarf...... *sigh*
  Love, 2 Dainty Crafters (well, just one, the other is working too much!!) Alyssa


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