... when I imagine doing a blog post, that equals having done one in reality in my mind. Eep.

  I've been doing a ton of crocheting lately. I haven't worked on my Afternoon Tea Wrap in forever, which makes me kind of sad. I have been attempting to create a pair of slippers for my best friend/co-creater Shelley for about 2 months, and I finally have something going! It doesn't help that her feet are so very, very long, and it's hard to adjust patterns if you have the wrong kind of yarn... which I did. Ah well, that super bulky yarn is going to make her a cozy shawl!
  So what I'm making for her is a pair of crocodile stitch slippers, by Bonita Patterns.
Here they are. I'm making a pair for my mom for her birthday. The only thing I really need to figure out is how to sew the slipper bottoms on, so that they have some traction and durability. PS, if anyone wants a pair, hit me up, and I'll give ya a quote on what that would be. I can also make them for babies, but not in the exact colors they have there, sorry! They are cute!!
  I haven't done much with the doll house stuff lately. I think about it often, but my craft time has been mostly devoted to catch up and trying to make this house run smoothly.  Kids and hubby take up tons of time!
  I may have my craft room back to myself at the end of April! I'm so very excited about that! All I need is a table in there, and I will have it all together again. Kev's grandmother found me a sewing machine, so I will be able to expand my crafts arena. We're also going to run a wire to that room, so I can put my computer in there as well. Then, I can craft, and watch a movie, or work on my blogs, etc. Yay!
  So, here are some pictures of some recent projects:

  This is a cell phone case I was working on... turned out too short, so I need to add onto it. Also, I finished too late... already cracked the heck out of my cell phone's glass, so that needs to get fixed soon.

   A cool doily I'm working on, with rainbow colored #10 crochet thread and a size 8 steel hook. It's called North Star, and it is fun!

   Found some Lily Sugar&Cream black cotton yarn, so I decided to knit a basketweave washcloth, and it turned out so very cool! Shelly has it in her collection now.
   And here is a baby crocodile stitch bootie, done with sock yarn in a neat purple stripe. I will never use sock yarn with that size hook again... but it is adorable.
  Sunday, one of the ladies at church, Ilo, has a crocheted bedspread that has a whole in it and needs repair. She wants me to fix it, and has the thread ready for it (she knits, not crochets). So I'll be figuring that out, and may post a pic or two when that happens.
  That's it for now, and I will hopefully create actual posts, not imaginary ones!
  2DaintyCrafters, aka Alyssa and Shelley!


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