Projects, projects, projects

  I admit it... I have a problem. That problem is Oo Shiny Syndrome. I pick up the latest Crochet World, or find a pretty pattern on Ravelry, or some to-die-for silk/bamboo yarn, and I forget all about my sad little neglected projects. I have an afghan that is over a year old to be finished, 2 pairs of slippers, a knit lace wrap from a Jane Austen magazine, 2 doilies... and a partridge in a pear tree! No, not a partridge, that's silly.
  I need to work on my dollhouse designs, my scrubbies to sell, and finish up my projects! Plus, this poor little corner of the internet has been sadly neglected. I do have a bit of a defense: until recently, I've been helping hubby with a project of his own, and so I haven't had the time (or inclination!) to write on here, or my home blog. So now, I have time, sort of, to attempt a better presence here. Not to mention, Dainty Crafter #2, Shelley, should be getting herself on here, possibly! So it won't be just my crazy ramblings and complainings, but her crazy ramblings and complainings!
  I'm hoping, in the months to come, to have a bit of video stuff up here. Little how-to's and such. I think it would be fun, and might prompt more writing and posting of pretty things. Speaking of which....  I LOVE the pretty colors in this placemat, so of course I want to start something. Bad Alyssa, get your other stuff done!!!!
  We have a new way to be followed: Instagram! Find me at whiteraven1976, where I will post on Thursdays and Fridays any current projects and their progress. I will also be trying to get my twitter up and going again. It is even more sadly neglected than this blog!

Peace n light, Alyssa!


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