Hello, New Post and News!

   Normally, this would be Alyssa posting (me), but Shelley is back in the crafting saddle! This is her, sort of, debut blog post. We will be switching back and forth every week, every Wednesday (barring any holidays and emergencies, mind you!). Without further ado, here is Shelley! *Kermit the Frog arm wave*

I was supposed to do a crafting post today.  Today, spring allergies have sprung and have made my brain like sludge.  Try as I might, it no workie, haha!.  Instead I thought I would post what to be expecting from me in upcoming posts.

~Decorative pens for work

~Organizing your cards

~How to create assembly line cards

~Planning cards out

~Random cards I make

~Featured stamp company every month

~Reviews of crafting products out there

~Magazine reviews

~& Many more wonderful things to come.....

Thanks Alyssa for being the Editor in Chief. (Eep! Me? Thank you to the Academy...)  Yep that's right: I gave her a fancy new title.  No raise, just more responsibility. So, in addition to her crafts and this blog, she now has to edit for me (hehe), as well as her hubby's blog, and her own little blog as well. Keep it up girl! (Thanks for your faith in me *mutter mutter*)  :)


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