I am so "gangster"

  I saw this on Facebook, and laughed rather loud, scaring my cat. It now graces my desktop background. Onward to the post!
  I finally finished the construction of Shelley's slippers. Now, we just have to figure out how to sew the slipper bottoms on. It was really rather difficult to find anything on the vast internet to show me how to do this. Perhaps I put in wrong search terms, I don't know, but man, talk about hard to find. I finally got something that seemed like it might help (follow this link to see) but it isn't quite what I was looking for. Thank goodness Shelley is good with needle and thread, and can sew circles around me! At any rate, be looking for my next post, which should have some pictures and step by step stuff, because if I couldn't find what I needed, I'm betting you might have a hard time too.
  I'm working on finishing a shawl for my bestie Maude in WI. Her birthday is the 30th, and I really want to make her something nice, since she has bought me some kick butt stuff over the years. I think she deserves a nice shawl, ya know?  ;)
  I've also started some other crafts: embroidery and counted cross-stitch. I made this cute little Easter hanging with a wooden embroidery hoop, an old crib sheet of mine, and a crocheted border. Here's a little picture from before I embroidered the duck in the center:
  I don't have the picture of the embroidered duck yet. Turned out really cute though! I'll get a picture up next post.
  Well, that's it for me this time! I'll be posting again in 2 weeks; next week it'll be something from Shelley!
  With love, the 2 Dainty Crafters (Alyssa!!)


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