Until Further Notice....

... Shelley will be on posting hiatus. Her arm is being evil and mean and non-worky, so you just get me for awhile.
  I'm in a bit of a crafting limbo right now. I threw out my back on Saturday (ouches... apparently that one stair on the way to the garbage hates me ), which one would think would give me plenty of crochet/knit/cross stitch time. One would be wrong. Sitting upright was a chore. Moving at all was painful. This time around, the pain stayed in the lower back and traveled down my left leg, when normally this would have been in my upper/middle back, making any craft work impossible.
  Many people who craft have some kind of pain/health issue. Arthritis and back issues are some of the most common ones I've noticed. And our pain always seems to focus on what we need in order to craft: namely, our arms/hands/wrists. How do crafters cope with the pain and lack of mobility?
  Here are some good stretches for hands and wrists. I do some of them myself when my hands get rather stiff. It's also good to not marathon crochet/knit/cut/stitch. Every 20 minutes, you should take 10 minutes to stretch, walk, roll over, whatever. I usually go every 30 minutes, but I'm a rebel that way. Also, neck rolls help, since when you do your craft, you tend to focus and not move that crucial area. Here's some simple stretches for the neck/shoulder area.
  I did manage to do some work on the butterfly coin purse I'm cross-stitching. I don't have any pictures currently (working on it!), but I did manage to uber-stab my left index finger several times. I will say this, working with water soluble canvas is cool. Here's a link to a type of canvas. So far, I've only used the sample versions I get in kits from the UK magazines. When you finish stitching, just soak the piece in warm water for 10  minutes. It gets kind of soapy, so it even "cleans" the piece. At least, that's been MY experience with it. I like to stitch on clothe, so this is a product I would definitely get more of.
  I tried to use my sewing machine yesterday. It's a Singer 5808c model, and it does work. However, the bobbin thread tension isn't right. I need to take this poor beastie in to get serviced and cleaned. I seem to recall Shelley saying that Joann's might have a servicing, um... service, haha, so that might be where I go.
  Today, I am much more healed up, so hoping to finish the coin purse stitching today. I will need to get fabric glue, and something to prevent fraying, so the actual make up of the purse will have to wait until I can get those items. Then, I shall hopefully have some pictures for people to see.
  On a different note, for those of you who read our little slice of the internet, would you share this blog far and wide? We're attempting to get more readership, so any and all little shares are appreciated!
  Love and all that happy crafty stuff,
Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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