What to write....

  I missed my post last week. And I was supposed to make that up this week, and I forgot. Bad Alyssa!!!
  I have been trying to finish up projects, instead of starting new ones. So far, I have been successful with a couple of small projects, but none of my larger ones. So, I have a couple of counted cross-stitch pieces in the works, a cardigan, a shawl/wrap, a blanket, and a pair of slippers to finish up. So far, I have done a few more repeats on my shawl/wrap from the Jane Austen Knits 2012 magazine.

  I'm doing it in grey, with a dark teal border on either end. It's gonna be smashing! And there are about 3 other designs in this particular mag that I want to do, as well as 4 in each of the other Jane Austen Knits I currently own... I'm becoming a bit of a J.A. nut lately. (Just ask hubby, I've been binge watching the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice while knitting!)
  I had spotted a few weeks back at Barnes & Noble a book for my co-conspirator: the new Flow paper book. And well... she went and got it, and LOVED IT! Here are some of the pages from it:

  Just so you all know, she decimated it, and has all of the prettiness organized up for her cards. Unfortunately, her shoulder/arm has taken a turn for the worse, so it's probably going to be only my crafts up here for quite awhile. I shall endeavor to keep up with this; I'm sure Shelley will be hounding me to get my Wednesday crafts up! *whip cracks*
  Hopefully, I'll have something more to post up here next time. Until then, craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters  :)


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