A Blog Review :)

  Happy Wednesday crafty folks! Today, I am going to tell you about a cute blog I found on Instagram, Oh Silly Pili!
  Ok, here's the vitals: you can find her at:
http://ohsillypili.wordpress.com/, and
 https://www.facebook.com/ohsillypili, and on Instagram at ohsillypili.
 She does crochet, and posts her favorite projects and food. What drew me to her site, initially, was her tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn. Her writing style was fun, and easy to understand. She made the task look simple, and I was digging her background behind the project (crocheted!!).
  Being the person that I am (nosy), I went through the rest of the site. There isn't a ton of stuff, but everything looks very neat and crisp. Almost makes me want to move over to wordpress.... but not quite! She has only one recipe up for food currently, but it certainly looks delicious! I might have to try it out, when I get the chance. Mmmmm... lasagne!
  One thing I have noticed about what I have been looking at lately is a lot of UK designers and crafters. I have found that I can find the trends ahead of time that way, and the magazine designers are very good at hooking (ah, ah, see what I did there!) you in with bright visuals and a free tidbit or too. I have scored some sweet thread and yarn projects this way!
  She has pugs. My husband loves pugs. I won't let him have a pug. Well, we can't have a dog for many reasons (one being Lug is allergic!), but I don't want a pug. Sure, they're cute, but I just am not made for a little dog. Sorry! Her babies are cute though!
  I see a lot of her things on Instagram, so that is the best place to go to see her many crocheted items.
Ps, I also have an Instagram, and if you click on the little button in the upper right hand corner, you can see what I do! (shameless plug)
  In other crafty news: Shelley and I are going to attempt to clean/repair my sewing machine, and document it all for you with the camera. I sense much shenanigans and wine in my future.... So be prepared for silliness, possible broken things, and maybe even a working sewing machine! Yay!
  I am also preparing a book review. I have rekindled my love of embroidery and cross-stitching, and found an amazing book to help further it!
  Ok, the kiddos are needing mom, hubby needs some help too, and I want to finally finish that dang doily!! Happy Wednesday!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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