Happy Wednesday!

  Hello my darlings! I had hoped to have the shenanigans of fixing a sewing machine up here this week, but editing down all that video is HARD! So, I don't have that completed, but I promise, I am working on it!
  This week is a bit topsy-turvy for both Dainty Crafters here. Shelley's oldest has graduated, and the party is this week, so she's been all over getting ready for it. I am proctoring Lug's test this week, so I've been sitting in and watching him fill in bubbles on a sheet for 2 days, and will be doing it today too. So today, gentle folks, you get a photo essay about what I've been up to, project wise.
I keep plugging along on that Afternoon Tea Wrap from the Jane Austen Knits magazine.
It's my hat! That I made! Last summer.... it's finally hat season for me, I'm happy about it! :)
I have almost finished the Centerpiece Doily I've been working on for forever. Just 5 more rounds, and I'll be showing it being blocked and made all pretty. The bag next to it is my newest project bag. I recently bought a set of sheets from Target, and their RE brand come in bags of the material the sheets are made of. They are the PERFECT size for most small to medium projects. I'm going to be embroidering on them at some point too. So... many... ideas....
And, of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't start something new. I told myself, no more magazines or books, or new projects, until you finished what you have started. Well.... yeah. But this one is a small project, creating pineapples, which I've never made before. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  To recap: Shelley and I are busy little persons at this point, and so things are a bit behind, blog-wise. But hey, you're getting a post today, wOOt wOOt!
Craft on, my pretties!
 Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters

PS: I almost forgot! We are no longer a .blogspot.com blog; we're now 2daintycrafters.com! Excitement!


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