How to organize scraps & patterned paper

A question I often see on blog posts is, "How do I organize scraps & patterned paper?"
This is a simple tutorial on how to do just that.

The Clean-Up!

Collect all your scraps and have a place to sort them.
One that has no children or pets knocking into what you just sorted :)  Orange cone the area off if you must!
 Now you need some time and that will depend on the amount of scraps you have to go through.  Mine took quite some time but was well worth it.
You will also need a container to store them,  I have several different types of cubes to experiment with.
Lastly purchase Heavy Duty Clear plastic sheet protectors with various dividers, and one 3 ring binder.
The reason for heavy duty is in the next photo.  I bought cheap Dollar Store ones and they didn't last a year.

Start by sorting plain paper first.  Make a pile for each color then put that color in a clear plastic sleeve.  Organize your colors however you like and place them in the bin for easy access.
Next Organize patterned paper by the predominant color.
Sort and put away in clear plastic sleeve.
You can also sort vellum in a separate sleeve as well as glitter paper.

Ta Daaa!  Nice Neat and Organized!

The Bonus!!

Not only did I organize Scraps and Patterned Papers, I also organized punched out Die Cuts!
So in this one is used the Baseball sleeve sorters and Money holders.  I sorted by shape with this, not by color.

I hope this help with organizing your craft clutter.  Happy crafting!

*Disclaimer  I was not compensated in any way.  These are just Tips!
Craft on! Shelley, aka 2Daintycrafters!


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