It's Friday!

I am at work, and so I'm posting this from my phone. Ain't technology grand!
  Shelley has been writing like a champ, and has at least 2 more posts ready to be edited and posted when we need them. I am slogging away on my doilies and writing down ideas for embroidery things. I REALLY want to get some of my own designs down and figured out.
  It is so weird to be doing this from my smartphone.  I've only had a smartphone since Christmas,  and I'm still getting used to all the fun things it can do. I wonder if I can insert pics here...
Nope. Not this time.
  I didn't want to miss posting today, so that's why you're getting a no picture post. *sadface*
  I promise to have better stuff next week, when I have a couple of minutes to sit at the computer properly.  Craft on!
Alyssa,  aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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