Cleaning with Vinegar

Descaling your Coffee Maker

No, you do not have to purchase over priced coffee machine cleaner.
I myself did a 3/4 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup cold water solution today.
I did it today to my old Nespresso machine, which was badly neglected.  Poor girl was not producing the right amount of coffee.  With the costs of pods, that was a bit wasteful :(
Normally I would do a half and half solution.  But folks, this was bad!
You will have to run several decanters full of cold water to get the vinegar out.
While your at it clean the whole coffee maker inside and out :).
*If you are worried about wrecking your expensive coffee maker, as always, follow manufacturers instructions.

Due to the water type in you area, it can wreak havoc on anything that uses and dispenses water
Descaling can be done on Faucets, shower heads etc...  You do not have to buy chemicals.
A little hard work, a scrub brush and a micro fiber cloth, and you're back in business.
The key is making sure you run enough water through after the descaling.
Nobody wants Vinegar in there eyes or mouth!  Even you pickle fiends have a limit :) (fine, Shelley, you win, haha! A)

Laundry and Vinegar

Did someone leave a load of laundry overnight in the washing machine?  GRRRRRR
1 Cup of vinegar right on top of the clothes and add the soap as directed.
Set temperature  to warm , and add extra rinse cycle and run the load.
It should get ride of the smell.  If not, you can repeat.
I also use a spray bottle of vinegar, hot water and a micro fiber cloth to clean the seals and washing machine itself.

*These are all TIPS  I love to share what works for me with you.  I am in no way compensated from any of these companies.   I just love there stuff.
*Please remember to use caution when not following manufacturer instructions.  I cannot be held liable for what you do.

Happy Cleaning, from Dainty Crafter Shelley!


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