Graduation Party Centerpiece

I made something that I found on Pinterest and it actually turned out :)

I will be honest they were charging quite a bit for it, and it's not like we actually have disposable cash anymore.
There were so many ideas on  Pinterest that it was a bit overwhelming.  So just make it simple and relax; this is an easy one.
So get your coupons out and some cash and get it all on sale!!
(I purchased colored jars, glass gems, submersible lights, & flowers at Michaels With Coupons.
I purchased the 24 oz jars at Target and got 5 % off with my Red card.)

These were really easy to do.  Hardest part was cutting the flower stems right.

These are all the supplies you will need.
1 Water pitcher (and water)
20 or more canning jars
Many flowers
20 or more submersible LED lights
5 Bags of glass gems
4 or more spools of ribbon
1 Measuring Cup
1 Pair of scissors
& 1 good pair of wire cutters

 First: measure out the glass beads
1/3 of a cup for each Ball Glass Vintage jar
1/2 cup of a cup for each 24 oz jar

Second: cut the stems to the appropriate length
Third: cut ribbon about 26" in length and attach to rim of jar
 Now insert Submersible light and flowers
We cut Faux cherry blossom replicas and Lilys and removed from main stems.
*  Do not choose over sized blooms for these jars they are much to small.

Lastly add water and put out on tables!

Ohh and Ahh over at your creation.  Because before you know it children will steal the lights and adults will want to take them home :)

                                                                 Happy Decorating!


What do I do with the lights now we are done with the event?
1.  After they are thoroughly dried out cut a 7/8" circle out and this will help stop the connection so it won't turn on.
2.  Put them in your big coolers at party's or gatherings.  How cool are you?  You can now actually see what's in the cooler!  Thanks Levi for that tip.  Leave it to a 5 year old to show what is cool :)
3.  Store them in a left over canning jar, but make sure you follow step 1!

Craft on!  Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters

*Disclaimer  These are only Tips. I am not compensated in anyway shape or form.

(I apologize for the camera work.  My own camera has perished, and I borrowed my daughters
iphone.  Beats the crummy camera on Samsung Galaxy 4!!!  Still trying to play with all the cool stuff you can do.   I smell another post coming up: The woes of camera phones.)


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