I did! I made one sock... now to make the second one...

  After a couple of week hiatus, Shelley and I are back. I had my grandfather's funeral, and Shelley's life gets so busy! However, we are feeling better and up to the challenges of life and crafting, wOOt!

  So, what have I been up to? Well, I painted the furniture for my dollhouse, and am in the process of repainting the outside of the house. The blue just wasn't doing it for me, I guess. Also, I needed process time from grief, and for me, working on projects like the dollhouse helped quite a bit. Here's a picture from it:

This is the kitchen/dining set. I painted the cupboard/writing desk first, and loved the colors and flowers so much, I decided to make it a matching set. Of course, now I need to repaint the living room, but I'm looking forward to that!
I also had several doilies and a rug that already matched the colors nicely, so I guess it was serendipitous!

  I also made a doll for my niece, who recently turned one! Oh my goodness, time is going by so darn quick! I was able to see her because of going home for family, and so I was able to give her the bug I made her:
  I'm not very good at toys, but this one came together all right.

  And now, the infamous sock:
  I can knit with circular and double pointed needles, but heel flaps and gussets are very intimidating to me. I found a book on knitting socks on regular needles, and finally decided to try it. I made this sock in a few hours (obviously, sleeping, eating, and housekeeping, as well as family duties aren't factored in!!). I used Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight acrylic, colorway Shaded Dusk. I really enjoyed how fast it went, and the heel flaps and gussetting weren't too scary... this time! The name of the book is Knit Your Socks on Straight by Alice Curtis. She has some really nice looking socks in here, and I feel like I might be making some for Christmas.... ;)
  Well, that's all for now from me!
Alyssa, aka a Dainty Crafter!


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