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1st attempt at Making Foam Soap Refills.

I looked at my favorite site for guidance.    Clean Mama
You will find a whole sheet on cleaning with Castile Soap here:  Courtesy of Clean Mama
I used 2 water bottles and poured 1/4 of the first one out in a cup and set it aside.
I then pulled out my Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap  and measured out 6 Tablespoons  and poured that in the water bottle.
 I then put the cap on and gently shook back and forth the mixture.
Now put the mixture in a re purposed clean foaming soap pump.
Lastly, label on the back of the soap dispenser what it is or you will be kept guessing.
The reason for the extra bottle is not all that mixture fits the soap pump bottle.
So you have it all out, you might as well make those refills now.
*Please label the bottle as well, that way nothing is a mystery cleaner.

If you love cleaning you will love Becky's site!  Have plenty of ink and printer paper ready.  Freebies Rock!
She also has a rockin Etsy site which I often find things I like, and have bought.  My favorite is her budgeting pack; it has helped me get that really organized and under control.  Thanks Becky!!

Some folks are worried will the smell from the last soap stay around?      YES!
Find a 1 gallon bucket that has only been used for green cleaning (if none hit the Dollar Store).
 Fill it half way with hot water from the tap.
Then add 1 cup of white vinegar and a squirt of soap.
Swish with hand and load in bottles and pumps.
Set timer for 15 minutes and swish the solution in container around.
Dump out into the bucket and do a smell check.  Ahhh nothing!!
 If you still smell something, soak for longer.
Then rinse until clean *remember to pump some of that mixture through the pump.*
Follow up with pumping hot water at the end.
I hope this helped you take that 1st step to try a easy, inexpensive way to clean.


*These are all TIPS  I love to share what works for me with you.  I am in no way compensated from any of these companies.   I just love there stuff.
*Please remember to use caution when not following manufacturer instructions.  I cannot be held liable for what you do.

  Thanks for stopping by!  Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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