I'm back!

  Howdy all! It's been awhile since I've written any kind of blog post. The kids school year has finally kicked off, and it is quite the time suck! I give tons of props to public school teachers, who have to plan for lots of kids instead of just 2. Granted, I'm doing the roles of 3rd and 6th grades teachers, gym coach, principal, secretary and choir directer at the same time, but it's still only 2 kids. I'm already brain dead, and it's only week 2. (Grant me patience, wisdom, and wine, oh Divine One.)
  However, just because I've been getting the homeschool thing rolling along doesn't mean I haven't been crafting. Oh no... my needles and hooks are just as full as ever! I'm making socks on two needles, knitting flat! I'm crocheting scrubbies, little kid outer wear, and a lapghan I have been working on since last year August. (eep) I'm doing Christmas related needlework, mostly counted cross-stitch. I finally finished up a hat that I was going to give to hubby's Grandma last year. As it turns out, she wouldn't have liked it anyway, haha!
  At this point, I'm just working on Christmas gifts. I want to make as many as I can, with the exception of the kids. I am hoping to work in a hat for each of them, as well as some mittens, but it will simply depend on what I can finish up before December. Plus, I have 2 items that I have been making for myself that are waiting for me to finish: a long wrap from the Jane Austen Knits magazines, and a "Boyfriend Sweater" from a UK magazine that has been languishing for forever. It's getting cold around here, and that sweater sure would come in handy!
  Halloween is around the corner too, and fall itself is nipping at our heels. I know that my other crafty half, Shelley, would love to be doing more crafts, but life has been kicking her butt in too many ways to mention lately. I know she will get back on the wagon, as it were, when life cools down a bit more, but for now, we're just plugging along.
  Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure, of the things I've been up to:
   Sorting through magazines and justifying keeping them by listing all the patterns in them I will/want to do. Yes, I do make lists, even if I never look at them again!
   I have several of the flowers done, but not attached. I'm still figuring out if I want to keep yellow, or do the outer layer with white.
   Socks, little girls swing coat, boyfriend sweater, faux mobius cowl... just a few of the projects I'm working on!
   Shelley's finished slippers!!! She loved them, so I was happy!
   Original pattern used silver and purple metallic thread, and it was a nightmare to work with, so I used Christmas colors instead. Turned out beautiful! Just not sure what I will do with it now, ha!
   Knit washcloth (pattern called Leaf Lace Washcloth, by Jan Eaton ©2010) and matching scrubbie of my own, and Shelley's, design.
  A slouchy cloche, with a button on the side (wish I had a better picture, but you know how that goes some days!). I was going to give this to my husband's grandmother, but it was too big, and she doesn't like hats like this, as they ruin her hairdo. I got the pattern off of a Red Heart label, but I can't locate the label currently. Someone will get this... just not sure who to inflict, er bless, with this.
  Well, here's hoping that I can continue to blog regularly. It's the busy time of year for those of us who craft. Happy crafting to all!
  Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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