A New Year, A New You

 I HATE New Years Resolutions
 I am a firm believer of a right now resolution.  So many of us have bought into and still do them.  Why bother, you only end up disappointed or have regrets of what you did not accomplish.  
Why not take things day by day, week by week.  Make obtainable goals that work for your current situation.  
Stay positive and focused.  
Utilize free daily planner pages online and get it together.
Need to loose weight start today!  Get a Gym membership(and actually go), watch your carb intake, drink plenty of WATER.  It is hard but I did loose over 80 pounds in 2 years.  Now to head back to the gym and shed that weight I gained from stress eating lol.  Yah, I now have to loose 30 pounds.
Damn you chocolate chip cookies and sprained ankle !!!!!!!
Maybe you are behind on blogging and crafting like we are.  We now are revamping a new schedule we can easily do.  My kids are back in school so I can actually focus and reclaim the computer!
Good Luck and Craft On!!


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