Alyssa does a Magazine review

Coffee: check
Nook with a Jane Austen flick playing: check
Cell phone: check
Kids outside: check

Ok, ready!
  I ride the bus downtown for work. It's... interesting, ha! My stop, however, is on Nicollet Mall, across the street from a Barnes and Noble. It is my weakness, my kryptonite. I love book stores of all kinds. And so, Tuesday morning found me working an extra day, so I stopped in and browsed the magazine racks. I found a 2 for 1 special! Yay!
  Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications. Hrm, I usually don't get these types, but the cover on the one looked intriguing. Oh, and only $9.99! 10% discount in hand, I paid $9.96.
  The first one is the Make It Yourself magazine. It has projects for sewing, embroidery, and paper crafts. Chock full of ideas, it's also chock full of advertisements. It didn't actually bother me too much; these were all places and products I hadn't used or heard of, so it was neat to see what was new with the MIY crowd. There was only one real article about an artist in it. It would have been nice to see a couple more highlighted. Overall, it was a quick, but informative read. The projects are well laid out, and relatively simple. All the patterns and instructions were neatly ordered in the back of the magazine. I give it an A.
  The second one is the Do It Yourself magazine. Again, a great many projects and advertisements. While reading through it, it got me excited to do some home improvements around my own place. I even contemplated painting a mural on my bedroom wall, cleaning and painting my hutch and even decorating my desk with paint and paper! I found it to be good for ideas, and got my creative juices flowing. The projects were, again, relatively easy, and the photos were very clear, as were the instructions. There was just one article, again, and it highlighted a couple who had bought and refurbished the front of their Craftsman style home. Most of the projects highlighted a particular paper or designer or company, but that only makes sense if you're a magazine about DIY stuff. I give it an A as well.
  All in all, they were both good for ideas, with only a couple of projects that I really wanted to try. They were worth the money I paid, for sure!

  Now, I just have 2 pairs of socks, a baby layette, an afghan, a pillow, couple of doilies, etc, to finish. *sigh* Not enough hours in the day...
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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