Hello, my name is Alyssa...

... and I am addicted to crafting. "Hi Alyssa."

  I don't want to make light of those who have addictions and go to meetings, but this is how it feels some days. I have a large Ikea shelf, the kind with 16 spaces, stuffed full of yarn, books and magazines about knitting, crocheting, and counted cross-stitch, embroidery thread, etc, etc. I even have a dollhouse on top of it that I use for doll house crafts. And currently there is stuff piled in front of it that has no space on the shelf...
  The black little box you see in the middle of the picture... that is stuffed FULL of projects not finished. And the shelf below it is also full of almost done projects. I get rather annoyed with myself and my almost completed projects. Most of them would take a few hours to complete, and voila! But I keep finding more things to create.
  My friends are no help. Seriously. A couple of weeks ago, my partner in crime, one Shelley, calls me and says she can get a deal on a Star Wars crochet kit. Sara, my other practically sister and best friend, sees that there is a Yoda in the kit. So... I say yes, please! They gleefully keep me in crafting heaven/hell. I blame them... partly.  

Yes, I made Yoda for Sara

  My stepmother jokingly said I have too much time on my hands. I honestly wish that were the case! Every time I turn around, someone is having a baby, a birthday, a wedding, a house warming, etc. And I like to make things for them! I just need to actually finish making some of it here, very soon.
  I have an addiction to crafting, I admit. And I love it! I love having all the little bits and bobs, the feel of the piece taking shape, knowing that is something that will either be useful, or fun, or at least appreciated. I enjoy the zen I feel from creation. It's one of the ways I keep myself "sane", besides meds and martinis.
  Now, to finish up this baby blanket... I do believe Kev's cousin will have that baby any day now, eep!
Just one round to go...
  Happy Crafting, fellow crazies!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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