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Lets talk magazines. I love the feel of paper in my hand! Yes, yes we know digital is cheaper, but you do not get free stamp sets or any of the extras with digital. Plus sometimes digital gets corrupted.  If you store your magazines properly ,and have them readily available for projects, you will use them.

Rating system: 1 being lowest  5 being highest

$   Was it worth it the cash?  1-5
+   Did it have useful information? 1-5
-    Did it have to much Advertising or not enough content? 1-5

1.  Make Special Cards (Issue 1)

$$$$$ (15.00)  It has a lot in it.  Cards, punch outs, envelopes, background papers,  
& a stamp set. This is a card kit magazine. If you like little projects that do not require much artistic talent, then this is the kit for you.  

+++  It only has information on the making of the cards from the kit.  yes you can think outside the box, but I love multiple ideas.

-   Really not much advertising at all.  Surprising for a 1st issue.

This type of magazine is not my cup of tea. I love doing my own thing. You are a bit limited in doing so with this kit.

Brand new! Available at Barnes & Noble randomly.  These are shipped over by boat.

2.  Popular Mechanics Issue May 2015

$$$$$  ($12.00 a year, special pricing at that time)  You bet it's worth it!

++++   Interesting articles and even home improvement tips.

-----   Way too much advertising.  Over half the magazine is all advertising.  
I know this is geared for the the men, but we ladies also dig this kinda stuff too!

www.popularmechanics.com/   Available online or in stores all over the USA.


 I have been on a bit of a budget lately, but like Shelley, I love magazines! I get to look at new trends, and unlike books (which I also love) I get an immediate gratification if they come with small kits and gifts.

1. Enjoy Cross Stitch Spring 2015, Issue 13

$$$$   Very worth the money! This one came with several projects, including the aida cloth and floss needed, as well as ribbons, etc for finishing. It also came with a large chart called Hollyhock Cottage. It's also nicely contained in a zip lock style pouch, which makes storing it very easy. There are always a lot of alphabets and charts in this magazine. This is the third issue I have bought, and I have never been let down.

++++ Not a lot of articles, but there is a letters section, and a section on different sewing tips and fixes.

---  The usual amount of advertisements in here. The nice thing is you can advertise for patterns, etc yourself through a kind of personals section. You can even ask for pen pals!
Enjoy Cross Stitch  A UK magazine, found at Barnes and Noble

2.  Mollie Makes Issue 49

$$$  It's a cute magazine, and often has a free gift included if you purchase it in a shop, or get a subscription. It encompasses a wide range of crafts, from embroidery to knitting to quilting to paper crafts... It's a hodge podge of things! If you're looking to try your hand at something different, it's a good magazine for getting your toes wet.

++++   Good articles about how to unleash your artistic side. Also had stuff on graphic artists and how they decorate, etc. Rather balanced.

----   All advertisements were pertinent to the crafts showcased within the publication. They were also mostly in the back, which I rather like.  

All in all, a nice general crafting magazine that gets you thinking that, just maybe, you can create that chalkboard wall without too many goof ups...

Mollie Makes   I bought mine at Barnes and Noble, but I have also seen it at JoAnn Fabrics.

And that's 2 Dainty Crafters magazine reviews! We hope you find them helpful to your crafting needs!

2 Dainty Crafters, aka Alyssa and Shelley!



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