Completing Projects is AWESOME

I DID IT!! Holly Hobbie is complete, and cuter than I imagined she would be. Granted, she isn't nearly as adorable as my niece is, but she's a good second, ha!

Here she is, in her full outfit. The shoes were supposed to be felt, but of course, I didn't have felt. Oh well. The navy blue cotton works pretty good, and if they get lost or torn, no big loss.

I love this side view! That big old bonnet reminds me so much of the Holly Hobbie book I had as a little girl, and passed down to my niece. The ribbon I used on the bonnet and pinafore came from an extra spool my mom had bought for my wedding, almost 15 years ago. So, for most of that time, I have been holding on to this spool of navy ribbon, just waiting for the right project!

Instead of sewing up the pinafore so that it worked like a dress, I made it more apron like, and added a ribbon to tie it closed in the back. There is also a snap at the top, as well as snaps on the navy blue dress. I opted to not make the bloomers or slip. I could do it some other time, for more clothing options for the doll. :)
This was definitely an experience! I really did enjoy it though. The time to make it was relatively short, even with the handsewing. I want to make more, but I'm going to have to wait to do more until after I finish up some drawings for a children's book I'm illustrating. I was supposed to have more of the drawings done by now, but time keeps slipping away so fast!
  I did get one other project finally completed: the anniversary pillow for my dad and stepmom. It turned out so adorable! And, they just got themselves a beautiful new 5th wheel, so maybe it might make it into there!
  Time to go and get some stuff done for the day. Tomorrow will be a busy and very emotional day; Shelley leaves for Texas Thursday, and our final get together for quite a long time will be Wed.
  Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!

PS, if anyone wants a Holly Hobbie, I would love to make one for you, but I won't be able to until September rolls around, and they will take time! So, if you want one for Christmas, I will be able to make, AT MOST, 2, and they will be around $30, since I will need to get get more fabric and notions and thread, and of course make time! ~A.


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