A Crafter and Their Kits

  Greetings all! So, in between testing Lug for homeschool, starting to get stuff together for the next school year, drawing stuff for a kids book, and working on projects, I had an idea for this post: the crafter's kit.
  All crafters have one, and sometimes two. One for when you are out and about, and one for home. What is this kit? Well, it has all the notions and bits n bobs one uses for making anything, be it drawing, knitting, embroidery, whatever. It's also usually small enough to fit into a bag with projects, or a purse, backpack, etc. I have seen some really cute kit bags, and some people go as simple as a plastic sandwich baggie. Well, as Lug was doing his Language Mechanics section of the test, I was working on a sock, and I needed to grab my kit, and this post magically entered my head. I love serendipity. I wasn't really sure what I would talk about this week otherwise!
Here it is
  I have a friend who sold Mary Kay years and years ago, and this was a gift I got for purchasing something. It sat for quite a long time, just gathering dust, since I very rarely wear make up anymore, and even more rarely take it out with me. And then, 4 years ago, I started knitting, and needed something to carry notions in. I love finding out I have useful things hiding around my home. Drives hubby nuts, because I save the weirdest stuff sometimes, but I know that I will find a use for it one day! (hides jars)
The contents! Eep...
  So, this image shows the contents emptied out on Packie's desk. Which desperately needs painting, sanding and refinishing, but I digress... Anyway, I stuff quite a bit in this little make up back. The wonderful thing about notions is that they are usually quite small, so you don't need a giant bag to carry around with you. And, a great amount of the things here just Tetris right in (nerd moment, forgive me!). I'm going to show off and explain all these little things.

Stitch Holders
  The picture on the right shows my stitch holders. I bought a few, and a few were gifts from Shelley. These are awesome for holding stitches from knitting projects. When making socks on straight needles, for example, these make life easier. You can use a scrap of yarn to do the same thing, but I rarely have extra yarn around, but I always have these guys.
Stitch markers and point protectors

  The picture on the left here shows my little container that holds all those stitch markers and point protectors. Shelley got me that container at a craft store (probably Jo-Ann's, but not sure) when she saw the small plastic sleeves the markers came in were falling apart, and the point protectors were just loose in my kit. There are two kinds of markers there: locking and circular. I have seen some adorable markers online, and while they are gorgeous, I like my plain ones. The locking ones work best with crochet.

  These are the two stitch gauges I have. I usually carry the Boye one with me, but I recently acquired the Susan Bates one, and it fits better in the kit, as it's more slender. The instructions for how to use a stitch gauge I also tote around, since I tend to forget little details like that, if I don't use it all the time. Bonus: if I don't know what size needles I have with, like my DPNs, I can get the size via the little holes. Saved my bacon more than once!
  This little pouch with a zipper I got as a freebie with a copy of Simply Knitting magazine. It also came with 2 cable needles for cable knitting (the metallic red and green ones). The other 3 are plastic ones with ridges in the center, which are great for keeping the yarn on the needle while working the cable stitches. I also keep all of my steel crochet hooks in it, as it's the perfect size for them. I have a pair of buttons in there is well. I know I wanted them for some project or other, but never used them, and now they just live in there.
Even more tools!
  So, if you knit, embroider, crochet, or work with just about any other fiber, you will need cutting implements. I have a seam ripper and embroidery scissors that only cut thread or yarn. I threatened death if I caught anyone using them for anything else. *expensive!*
A tape measure and a row counter round it out. Gotta know how long to make the foot of those socks, and how many row repeats for the pattern... so.. many.. repeats...

Things to write in and with
Inside is madness! No, just lots of counting

  Now, I don't keep the skull notebook in my kit. I use it for a lot of things, not just counting rows. Ideas that hit me when out and about, notes on things to pick up, something to keep Packie busy while waiting for food at a restaurant, etc. I got it in a 3 pack for $1 at Half Priced Books last year, gave away one of the notebooks, lost another one, and just have this one left. The ladies at church give me weird looks when I pull it out... hehehe... The other little notebook is a needle and hook inventory book. Sometimes I have a coupon, but don't remember if I have those size 3 circulars in the right length. It also gives some basic information about knitting, books, sock lengths for shoe sizes, etc. It even has a 4" ruler on the back cover. Obviously, I keep a pencil in the pouch. Gotta write, but need to erase the mistakes.
More needles!
  So, I like tea sometimes. There was a time when I tried to cut down my coffee intake by replacing it with Irish Breakfast Tea. I still love that tea, but coffee won that battle. Well, one of the brands of tea I do still enjoy had this free little tin in the box. I'm sure they meant for people to use it to tote tea round for a cuppa on the go, but well, not me. No, instead I put a couple of magnets inside, and it holds my cross-stitch needles, pair of crewel work needles, and a giant darning needle that I inherited from my Grandma Taylor. They used to rattle around in it until I got the magnets with a pair of corkboards I bought at the Dollar Tree. Didn't need all those magnets for the boards... :)
All packed!

  And so that is what I carry around with me in a handy little case. There is a nice little outer pocket for keeping pencils and pens, and everything else fits inside all nice and cozy. I once left this back home and had to have it mailed back up to me by my step-mom. Another time I left it at Shelley's. Those times were not fun. I am much more diligent about making sure I have it packed away carefully now.

  Thanks for peeking into my crafter's kit! If you want, post a pic in the comments of your kit.

  Craft on!
  Alyssa aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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