Dead Fish

  Well, not really dead fish, per se... rather, I'm making a pair of hats for my favorite teller at my bank branch. Last year I made her a pair of hippo hats for her to give as gifts.

Apparently, they were a hit. :)

  Well, this year she has a challenge for me, and I think I'm doing pretty good at it. I am probably about half way done with the body of the first one. These pictures only show my progress from a day or so ago:
Stewie is my spirit animal at home. Comfy.
I have since added another grey stripe.

  I am already past the first decrease, and will be working more of it at work tomorrow, most likely. I get paid tomorrow, so that means I will head to the bank, and I can show her the progress. Also, I'm going to take pics of the yarn I want to use next, see if she likes it for the second one. I have posted some on my Ravelry account... I really need to update quite a bit on there. Maybe I may do that after this post... maybe.
  I have been playing around a bit with layouts on my blog here lately. I'm trying to find ways to keep this interesting. I don't want to bore people, nor bore myself, ha! When I started this little project with Shelly oh so long ago, I never really thought I would keep up with it the way I have. Maybe this will go places, who knows?
  And yes, I still have a mountain of projects to finish: socks, a children's book, an afghan 3 years in the making, etc. Who would I be without them??
  Craft on!
Alyssa aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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