Another week, another project

  I missed last week. I kinda forgot. I have reasons, good ones! Really!
  It's homeschool prep season for this girl. I have grades 4 and 7 to do this year, and it gets more complicated each year. Granted, I'm kind of a pro at this point, and have finally got a system sort of down. Now, if only I could plan out my projects like I do lessons...
  I did have a "knitting date" last week Thursday. A very nice young lady from church wanted some help with crochet and knitting. We've been trying to get together for a couple of weeks and finally got it down. Well, between the lateness of the hour, and her little dude (cute as a button!) and fiancé, we really didn't get much done. We did work a bit on the crochet Magic Loop method, but we decided that perhaps we should get together another time, sans kiddos.
  I finally started the stole for hubby's ordination. It's looking very lovely, but I decided against the knit Linen Stitch. Instead, I opted for Tunisian crochet, using the Tunisian Simple Stitch. It makes a lovely woven fabric, and works up rather well. I'm already almost a foot it.
  Obviously, this isn't the current picture, but from when I started it a few days ago. The purple is so pretty, and the yarn perfect and smooth. I may need another skein, though....
  I still need to figure out the shoulders completely, although I think I may have it almost complete. When I do, you can be sure I will post it all. And yes, there are about a million other things I'm working on. If you find my instagram (whiteraven1976), you can see what all I've been doing... and wonder at what I'm NOT posting! Christmas is coming....
Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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