I (Almost) Finished It!

  The last 2 weeks were crazy! Boys are just now getting back into the swing of school, after 2 weeks of halftime school. (Halftime school in my vocabulary means they did the bare minimum (reading and math and typing) while we got ordination stuff and party stuff done.) They were a bit grumpy this morning when I pulled out the big books and worksheets again, but they survived... Mommy needs a timeout though! Hence, blog writing.
  I almost finished the clergy stole. I messed up the backing, and need to rip back and redo it, but all the tunisian crochet is done! I also got the embroidery done, and the tassels.
 It is 35" from the collar bone to the tassel beginning. I had to tear back the neck a couple of times before I figured out how to create that gradual curve and point. I also promised a pattern when I finished. Well, as I am almost finished with it, I haven't actually written the pattern in a way that anyone else but me can read it. It's currently a mish mosh of abbreviations, scribble outs and strange drawings. It will happen though!
The colors really just don't show as well as I'd like

 I am still hip deep in projects. I have almost finished the second dead fish hat for my friend across the pond, and then I can cast on for the final one for my bank teller, Denise. YAY!
I love the colors; hope she does too!

I am loving the randomness of the coloring on this fish. It's just a crazy, fun look, and I think it will brighten up her winter rather well. Not to mention... it's gonna have big, white, DEAD eyes, muwahahahaa! *ahem*

  My cousin's wife is having their 4th child this winter. I was supposed to make baby booties for their 3rd, but I ran out of the yarn I was using to make them. :( Also, she would have been too big for them, I later found out. Anyway, here's a set made for their next little monster. I am going to add some green holly leaves and berries in crochet to the uppers. So cute!!
  I still have socks to finish (so close!), a blanket for Steven (getting there!), and a plethora of other projects that have been waiting for me to knit/crochet/cross-stitch/embroider/sew up. I think I need a clone... or a maid. Anyone out there work for food and shenanigans?

  Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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