Where have I been? Satan's Armpit (thats what Alyssa calls it)!

To My Dear Alyssa, 
I apologize for dumping all the work on you.

With Abandoning my better half (Alyssa), and dumping all the blogging on her.
Sigh "I SUCK"!
I have had an interesting time learning about Satan's Armpit, I mean TX.  Yep Moving is stressful enough.  I was lucky when so many broken things finally showed up with the movers. Yep when the Government hires contracted movers all you crap gets broken!  You can fill out the paperwork to get your money back.   It may still be denied after 5 hours of paper and several hundred trees you just killed.  I still have many boxes to go through.
Did you know it's hot here?  ALL THE TIME!
Did you know you can sweat while taking a shower hehe!
That being said, I miss all my family, friends & cooler weather.
We are gonna take a different crafty turn.  I am gonna cover some different handcrafted items.  I am taking a paper crafting break.
I will be working on furniture and foods.
I cannot wait to share with all of you some cool stuff I have been working on.
I have 1 furniture item almost done.  It still needs handles.
I just have to put pics and write the posts for the hand crafted foods.
I forgot how much work goes into food for photographs.  It has been awhile since my food was in commercials and print.
Thanks for stopping by!
Shelley AKA 2 Dainty Crafters

This was hijacked by Shelley today.
All bad editing is my fault.  I wanted to surprise Alyssa!


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