Apologies for the silence lately!

  I have been busy the last month or so with completing projects. I want to get things DONE and off my hooks and needles. Phew!
  I did finish a crocheted afghan I had been working on for 2 years. (eep!) I also made 3 Dead Fish hats, have a scarf commission I'm plugging away on, and of course those silly socks that I wanted to make last year for my dad and step-mom, but never got done due to poor yarn choices. I am making coming here once a week to write a bit of a priority, since it really takes a small amount of time to get this written, and post a few pictures. And so, without further ado, here is what has been keeping me busy for all this time:

 Well, first I needed to organize my craft storage. I had skeins, hooks, patterns and other things just smashed in and around everything. Can't complete something if you can't find the yarn or tools, right? I also realized that I had a LOT of yarn I had forgotten about. People give me stuff, or I buy it for a project, only to end up with extra, etc. These pictures truly don't show you the scope of what I have. I know I'm not as big a yarn hoarder as some crafters, but I should probably not buy any for awhile, and try to find patterns for the yarns I have. Yeah, right!
 I still need to cast on the second sock for this one, and the other one for my step-mom, but finishing it was still a big accomplishment! And, my 14 year old, Lug, has big enough feet to model men's socks. Oye.
 So this is my lovely foot, at my computer, whilst working on a cardigan for myself. I prefer to watch Pride & Prejudice when I'm working on crafts. I wish I had a dedicated space, but I find places to get some Jane Austen and craft time in. I did finish the cardigan, but I haven't taken any pictures of the completed piece. Simple laziness, actually, but I also am a little self conscious about myself, so I may or may not post a picture at some point. It was my first ever sweater though, and I am rather proud of it.
 This is the almost finished Garden Party hat I was creating for my cousin in law's daughter. I did finish the hat itself, but the floral embellishments aren't done yet, so I don't have a full on picture of it yet. I also made a pair of baby booties too, and I need to get those sent, because she's gonna have that baby soon!
 This is the infamous 2 year in the making afghan. It's not a great picture, and it isn't blocked at all. Steven loves it, and sleeps with it almost every night now, as I understand it. The yarn was so smooth and soft... and a big pain in the rear, since it kept splitting all the time.

The infamous Dead Fish hats. This was the third, and final, one I made this year. I made one in dark greens, grays and blacks, one in rainbow colors (sent that one to a good friend in England), and this one to go with the dark green one. These were commissions, and they were fun to make. They were also fun to give; Denise at the bank was just ecstatic!

This is an experiment I am working on. I bought a wire wreath frame and some Red Heart With Love yarn in Christmas colors, and I am attempting to create something I can put on my front door for December. I am hoping that next week, when we take a week off from homeschooling for Thanksgiving, I can get a good healthy amount done on it. Well, in between socks and a scarf. And making a ton of food for Thursday. And cleaning. And... you know, gonna stop depressing myself now, LOL!

And last for tonight, the beginnings of my last commission for the year. A woman I know, who works right across from me in the AAA office, went to Norway with her parents, and brought back some really nice gray and white gloves, and asked if she could hire me to make her a cozy warm scarf. After agreeing on budget and the pattern, I got some Bernat Softee Chunky yarn and I'm already almost a foot into it. After all that, I have Christmas cards to make with counted cross stitch, and socks to finish and.... busy busy busy!!

  And so, that is why I have been a little quiet lately. I'm also waiting for a photo upload from Shelley involving a dresser makeover, and I'm anxious to see how it turned out!
Happy Holidays!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


  1. I'm the same way. I don't like to post pictures of myself. I would love to see your cardigan; maybe you can just drape it over a chair or something.

  2. That's a good idea, I didn't think of that! Maybe next post, if I can get one taken by then. Thanks Mattie! :D


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