Last Minute Gift Ideas for your Friends and Family.

A Last Minute Gift

We all have that "I forgot to pick up something for X",  or "I need 5 more gifts!!"
 You still want to take the time and get something under $20 that you can actually afford, and that they will like. 
Shelley's Last Minute Gifts

 Start with A Case of Ball Glass Canning Jars.  Get the wide mouth ones.  You will want clear ones, not color. Also, the jars featured here are from Michael's, and look like milk bottles. Upcycle any cool jars with good lids as well.
3D stickers
Tin boxes, or Altoid style containers work too!
Next 100 ft of Ribbon. Hit a Michael's or Joann's and use a coupon!
While you are there buy some Patterned Paper and Bakers Twine to make tags.  (Use another coupon!)
All links, if available, will be under Shelley's hot item of the week.
 So, here are some ideas:
With a bow tie! See, snazzy!

I found this Instant Mocha Mix on Pinterest. I am not sure who the Original Author is.  You can find it on our Pinterest Page @
1 is with Marshmallows, 1 without. 

I found this Hot Choclate Mix on Pinterest.  Check it out on our Pinterest page.

I am so glad she pinned this and the full article is  here:

Spice it up!

I made these Spice Bags with ease.
I eyeballed it all.  It was kind of a mad scientist mix.
Garlic Salt, Onion Salt, Real Salt, & an  All Purpose Mulling or an Apple Pie Spice Mix.  The only Salt I used in the mixtures is here @ this link: 
I hit the wedding favor aisle for the bags.  Sometimes they are mixed in with seasonal as well.

Last Christmas, Alyssa made these little snowflakes out of red crochet thread. I glued on the pearl beads, then strung one on a chain, and put hooks on the other 2. If you have a crafty friend, sometimes you can go together on a small project! You never know what you can come up with.

Swarovski Sparkle & Shine

A nicely decorated tin!

This is an easy project!
Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Swarovski Crystals(flowers shapes)
(Have fun picking sizes and colors!)
Earring Hooks 
Jump Rings
Straight Ear Wire with a circle at the end.  
(Pardon the bad description.  I am without my books.)
Swarovski Crystals
Jump Rings
Lobster Claws
You need 2 tools(1 rounded needle nose and 1 flat needle nose) and a safe place to work. 
 Also put down a light colored towel to work on, and you will not lose or damage anything.
Put it in a nicely decorated tin.

 Make Homemade Vanilla Extract 
Mexican Vanilla Beans with Spiced Rum
Vanilla Beans with Potato Vodka

You will never go back to store bought again!
You need 3 Items:
~A container with a lid(I up-cycled) and bought the cute Dairy one at Michael's.
~Vodka or Spiced Rum
~3 whole Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Beans can be expensive.  I never pay more than $2 a bean!

Slice Vanilla bean down the center.  Open gently with fingers.  Cut it in half on the long way.
Place in jar.
Gently pour Alcohol over beans, and fill to the top.
Secure lid and shake gently.
Week 1 Shake everyday
Week 2-4 Shake ever 2-3 days.
& for the next 3-6 MONTHS shake every 2 weeks.
Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
Don't forget to Date the Jar!!

Bake Something
Tried and True Banana Bread
Make 2 small loaves.  1 with Nuts & 1 Without. 
Make sure you know if they are Gluten Sensitive.
Here is a link for that.
All are easy to make! 
Bag them up in freezer safe plastic Bags.

Melt Something
Fudge is so easy total time 30 minutes.
It takes longer for it to cool.
Mmmm can you smell the chocolaty goodness?
Make a double batch.  It should yield 2-3 pounds.  Use Dark Chocolate Chips!
Try this recipe
please use butter or butter replacement.  Earth Balance.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Shelley!!

Alyssa's Last Minute Gifts

Shelley's right, jars are awesome for last minute ideas. I like the Dollar Store (or the like) for things to put into jars or baskets. If you know someone who is moving out (or into) a new place, getting some kitchen things, like towels, potholders, dishcloths, or even some wine glasses, can be nice, and appreciated. I tend to keep jars that once held hard candy, since they have a seal-able, and reusable, lid. They are a good size to tuck in some housewarming style goodies, like special candies, or spice packets, or in the case of a gift I made a couple of weeks ago, the fixings for hot chocolate.
If you have any crochet or knitting skills, you can whip up a hat pretty quick. I recently made a cowl which was supposed to take an hour and a half, but ended up taking all day, since I have children and a house to run! At any rate, large yarn and large needles and hooks can make a quick project. 
Bonus: usually it can fit in a jar! HAHA!
I collect cross-stitch magazines. (I have a habit...) A great many of those magazines come with free little kits, or in the case of my favorite one to collect, a whole SLEW of mini projects, complete with thread, a needle, cloth, and the extras to finish it up.
So, I save up the little kits and give them as gifts too. They do take a little more time, but I have never had anyone not appreciate the effort!
 Well, that's all I have for now! Happy Crafting, Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule to you all!
Alyssa :)


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