Holiday Hangover

  I am still recovering from 2 weeks of holiday excellence and awesomeness. But, we are now fully into 2016, so it is time to get things rolling again!
Lug modeling Dad's sock. Love those colors!
  I got all of my gifts finished, almost on time! I was still knitting the second sock for Dad on the 5 hour trip down to southern Wisconsin, and managed to get it seamed just after he got home. Betty and Dad seemed to love their new socks, though, since after they put them on they didn't take them off! I must say, they did turn out rather well, although I was a bit disappointed that one of Dad's socks was just a tad too big. Apparently, one of his feet is just a tish shorter than the other. Gggrrr... but something to figure out for next time, right?
Betty's socks turned out pretty good!

I am going to make a couple more pairs from that book, and I'm still working on making some by knitting in the round. I just get confused at that darn heel flap.

On a related note (gift wise), I have decided to plan out my gifts for people a bit more efficiently. As in, I am going to decide who I am making things for, and then what I am making, in the month of January, so I'm not knitting the second part of it on the ride down to see family. Nothing like a little stress to make the holidays less fun, right?

  At this point, I am also going to put out a call for commissions. Starting with this post, if you wish for me to create something for you, I will need to know sooner rather than later. I already have one commission to get started on, and so this is your chance. Realize I am one little person with only 2 hands, so I will only take on a set number of projects, so that I can also get my personal ones completed too. I knit, crochet, embroider and do counted cross-stitch. Costs will depend on the size and nature of the project. So, with that in mind, email me at, or you can also dm me on Twitter @DaintyCrafters, and also Instagram @2daintycrafters. I can't speak for Shelley, but she may also be willing to take on some projects as well, as her health permits. She makes hand made cards and other paper projects, and you can contact her at the same addresses.

 My handsome sons, modelling commissions I did this year.


  I am making something for myself. I actually have several things I have started for myself, but I love to make for others, so they get put to the side. I did finish a sweater, which I just tried to take a picture of, but it's too dark in here for a good shot. Maybe tomorrow! At any rate, this past year was my 15th wedding anniversary, and I was going to create a pretty typographic sampler as a gift for us. Well, I instead needed to finish the pillow I was making for my Dad and stepmom's 15th anniversary, and it never got started. Well, I finally started it! It doesn't look like much now, but it's gonna be pretty. I'm using 28 count even weave, in the Irish Linen look, and a pretty cotton floss that I had from a different project.
I will use our wedding colors, navy blue and white. 

Also: Shelley has her own little slice of internet heaven, and she will be featuring a series on financial advice, how-to's, tips and tricks. Check her out at The Dainty Muse  
We will also be doing a few posts about organization of crafty stuff (Shelley is really good at that... me, not so much).
  2016 is looking like it might be a great year! Get your commission ideas to me or Shelley, and we will make something special for you!
Happy New Year!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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