Thank you!

  I am beginning this post with the utmost gratitude. Thank you so much to those who have commissioned me to create something for them, and thank you, dear readers, for staying with us and seeing the things Shelley and I do! I honestly never expected much out of this little piece of internet other than maybe just friends and family reading, but it's gotten a bit bigger than that, and I and Shelley are very grateful. On a related note, I am not taking any more commissions until March. I have quite a few things to finish!! Thank you!
  Now, onto the post of the week: Shelley made something!!

Make your own ironing board

Things you will need:
  1. A board cut to the size you need (Shelley's was 3/4" plywood, cut 20X36)
  2. Insulated fleece- 2 pieces, cut to the exact size of board.
  3. All cotton quilters fleece- 2 pieces, cut 3" wider on all sides
  4. All cotton 200 thread count muslin- 1 yard
  5. Approximately 48 flat decorative nails for upholstery
  6. Tack remover (for if you put in your tacks wrong!)
  7. Hammer
  8. Scissors
  9. Drill
  10. (4) 1/2" galvanized floor flanges (These were found in the plumbing dept.)
  11. (4) 1/2"X 3" galvanized nipples (Also plumbing)
  12. (4) 3/4" white rubber leg tips (hardware)
  13. 1 box of wood screws (Shelley used 3/4") Make sure they will go into board, but not through it
Some of the tools used
Pre wash all of your fabrics! Hang dry the insulated and quilters fleeces, don't put in a dryer.
Sandwich insulated fleeces between quilters fleeces. Top with the muslin fabric.
Starting on one side and pulling fabric nice and snug, tack down. Repeat process on opposite side. Do the same on the remaining sides, and trim off excess as needed.

Set flanges 3" in from sides for legs. Screw in the flanges using your drill and wood screws. Then screw the nipple into the flange, and slide on the leg tips. Do this in all 4 corners. Voila! Done!

~From Shelley: Yes, I could have bought a cheap ironing board for myself. I like quality when it comes to my hobbies. If I am going to spend that much money and time on a project, I want it to last! This can be disassembled and stored flat. The legs unscrew. Happy Crafting!~

  She also tells me that there is something going to be happening with that pegboard behind the ironing board. She is keeping it all hush hush, and won't even tell me what it's all about. Meanie.

Craft on!!
Alyssa and Shelley, the 2 Dainty Crafters!


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