Coupon Organization a la Shelley!

We are all in the "organization" stage of the year. Michael's was price cutting all their organization stuff, people were putting away the Christmas to get out the Valentine's Day stuff, etc. Shelley likes to coupon, and organize her stuff. Maybe your goal this year was to save money and use coupons, but you're intimidated by all the stuff you see on Pinterest. Here's Shelley's easy organizational method for coupons:
How to Organize Coupons

Start by clipping them. 
 I know that sounds simple and lame.  Some people organize them in sheets and do not clip til they need them.  I don't know about you, but I am not cutting in the grocery isle on a Saturday with people bumping into me.  I like my fingers and want to keep them.

Organize by Category

Here is my personal list:
Quick Meals
Gluten Free
Office/School Supplies
Dental,Shaving, & Deodorant
Personal Care
Paper & Plastic
Cleaning & Maintenance
Meat & Poultry
Veggies & Fruit
Other Stores you shop at

Feel free to change it up.  Organize the titles however you want, or add some more. I shop dry goods 1st and cold stuff last.

Get a box of paperclips!  Make some room and sort it all out ahead of time.  Also organize by oldest to newest.  

Choose an Organizer

Whether it be a massive 2" binder with different sheets.
I have used money display pockets & baseball collection pockets in the past.

Or the classic small expandable file folder
I have used a plastic expandable from Targets Dollar spot.  You can buy patterns to sew one yourself or design a paper one.


1" small binder with Half slit pockets
I use Avery Brand Pockets and Tabs for Sorting.  Some of this is discontinued due to the the scuffle between Martha & Avery.  ;)  I have also made paper bound versions of it.

You Don't Have to Spend Much to Save Some $$$$

Whether it be $3 or $25 you will make that back!  Make sure you use coupons to buy your supplies!  That will be your 1st step to saving some $$$ :)

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*Disclaimer  I was not compensated in any way.  These are just Tips!


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