It's Wednesday!

If I say "it's Wednesday!" with enough enthusiasm, that will help me wake up, right? *sips coffee instead and turns up her Pandora account*

  I have been one busy lady! I remember saying I wasn't taking any commissions this month... I really need to learn how to say no. It's not that bad; one is a commission I'm finishing up from last month. However, I had someone need a scarf done, in a hurry, since she was having troubles doing it herself. So, here I am, plugging away at a scarf, trying to clean a house that desperately needs it since we have company coming tomorrow, homeschooling the Lug and Packie, and living on coffee and oatmeal. (ps, apple butter isn't necessarily the best substitute for apple sauce in an overnight oatmeal. Kids liked it.)
  So here is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks:
Lion Brand Homespun in Wild Fire colorway
 I did this pattern for my friend who commissioned a scarf in November/December last year, and it's a really simple pattern: knit one, purl three. Size 10 1/2 needles help it to work up quick, but I'm not sure it's quick enough. Oh well, we'll get it done.

This is the beginnings of a shawl for Shelley. I promised her, eons ago, that I would make her one, and I just kind of... forgot. In my defense, I have had a lot of projects over the past couple of years, and I didn't always write them down. At any rate, it's a bouclé yarn, in blue and black, on size 15 needles. I need to get a size 15 circular needle now, since it's kind of gotten too long for the needles. It does work up mega fast, though, which is why I have put it aside for a little bit. Shelley keeps telling me I need to get a set of circular needles, like the Addi Click ( I wish I could afford them! )

  So, the commission from January is for the sister of a friend, and she gave me a little challenge. There was a double layer braided cowl going around Facebook for a couple of days, and she wondered if I could make it. I attempted to make it with some Homespun yarn I had here, but unfortunately it was too futzy for crochet work, at least with the way the pattern worked up. I ended up with Lion Brand Landscapes, in Mountain Range colorway. It is so pretty, and worked a treat with the size H hook, despite being a type of yarn that isn't twisted. It's a medium weight, but looks a lot like a small roving. At any rate, I have the cowl done, as well as the ear warmer, but the mittens aren't quite done yet.

I really need to step up my photo taking game, but that requires money and time, something I am not in abundance with currently, haha!
I know that I am making at least 2 or 3 more cowls here soon as gifts. Very quick make, all things considered, and I like fast, pretty projects.
  The church hubby is the pastor of participates in a silent auction in April, and they asked me to make something for them to put in. Every Sunday that I'm there, you'll see me before the service, working on some yarn project or another, and apparently they like what I do. So, since I haven't worked with steel crochet hooks and thread in awhile, I dug around my Nook and found Heirloom Threads, a book of potholders and such, made in thread, and looking like fancy doily stuff.
it's going to be a basket

I have another piece that's round for this too. It will be in beige and dark brown, with white flower accents. I'm hoping that it is good for the auction.
  I am also working on illustrations for that kids book. Yeah, that got put on the back burner due to Christmas, but we're going to get it done. I'm going to meet the author again this summer, and I want to have all the drawings done so he can take it with him then. Organization is key to getting my stuff done properly!
  Ok, my coffee is getting cold, and the kiddos need their mom, so I'm wrapping this up for this week. Craft on!

Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters
 *disclaimer* I mention Lion Brand a lot. I get nothing for it, just happens to be the yarn I bought!

PS! Shelley wrote a thing on her blog about *ick* taxes! Head on over for her hints!


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