Keeping Very Busy!

  Howdy all! I'm feeling much better today (stupid back!), and ready to write a little bit. Shelley is keeping up with her crafting as well, even amidst packing to move yet again. She's got a little project she did for Easter, and you'll get the full post on that next week. Until then, here's a little sneak peek:
Apparently, much swearing ensued in this endeavor...
Much prettier!
  I originally wasn't going to do any commissions in February, and ended up doing 3. So, I decided to do none this month... and did 1. It is a really nice red hat though... haha! I still need to make 3 double layer braided cowls for gifts, and have a shawlette and a wrap I'm making for myself. The wrap is a redo from what I had been working on for almost 2 years. I got most of the way through it, and decided I hated the pattern with the yarn I was using, and frogged the whole thing. It wasn't an easy decision, but I am much happier with it now.
2 years down the drain...


I found the pattern I was originally using in one of my Jane Austen Knits magazine Spring 2012, called Afternoon Tea Wrap. The colors pictured in the magazine were so pretty, and much better suited to the pattern than the grey I chose. Now, the new one, as pictured above, is also from a Jane Austen Knits 2015 magazine, and is called Garden Walls Wrap. It's a large swath of stockinette stitch, with a pattern called Celtic Leaf at each end. It will take me awhile, I know, but only because endless stockinette is boooooring. Luckily, it's something one can almost mindlessly do while bingewatching Scooby Doo or Batman Beyond... or the 1995 miniseries of Pride and Prejudice.
  I have decided to start up a crafting club at church. Every Sunday I go, I take along whatever knitting or crocheting I am working on, and people always bemoan the fact that they want to learn to do either craft, but no one teaches. Well, bring it on! I will teach some, but I also want to learn stuff from them. I also think it might be appropriate to do charity crafts, like hats for preemies, or for cancer patients, baby blankets, etc. We're going to have our first meeting probably on the second Saturday in April. PS, for anyone in the Twin Cities who would be interested, you are very welcome! We will be meeting at Eastside Community Lutheran Church, at 1pm, on Saturday, April 9th. Send me a message via email (, or comment here to let me know.
  Speaking of commenting, Shelley and I have decided to do a little giveaway, to thank people for reading our little slice of internet! So, starting today (March 14th), you can enter to win a little gift package, which will consist of a selection of Shelley's pretty any occasion, hand made cards, and a scrubby with 2 dishcloths from me! The scrubby and dishcloths will be made in the colors of your choosing (maximum of 2 colors please!). So, to enter, you need to do this any of these things:

1: follow us on Instagram at 2daintycrafters, and leave a comment!
2. tag a friend on Instagram, who might be interested, to get an extra entry
3. repost and tag us on your own Instagram
4.leave a comment here on the blog, saying you want to enter, and anything you might like us to post/write about here on the blog.

It's pretty simple! You can have multiple ways to enter, and we'll pick a winner on Sunday, March 20th, and announce that winner on Monday, March 21st! Maximum of 4 entries per person, please!
*no purchase necessary, and we're not selling anything! This is our way of saying Thank You for reading and following us!

  Now then, Shelley hasn't just been doing mystery Easter type projects, oh no! She has also been working with her beautiful sewing machine. Last post showed the first baby quilt she had ever made (see here for post!), but she also made a knitting needle holder for her youngest daughter, and a sewing machine cover.

I need to get this girl more needles...
Such cute colors!

  I did finally make a quickie project for my poor, cold old feet. The last pair of slippers I made were stretched out by my beloved husband, who thought he was being cute. He was so very wrong.
Yes, those are Darth Vader jammie pants... admit it, you're jealous!

  Well, that's all I have for this particular post! Check back next week for Shelley's project, as well as our giveaway winner! I will leave you with the condescending gaze of my cat, Samantha...
Condescension incarnate

Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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