Oops I cannot believe I did that!

   So much Love and Care goes into our crafting. So when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Sometimes there are tears, expletives, and laughter.  We wanted to share with you what has recently happened with our oops's.

                              My new phrase this year!

                                  CRAFTS HAPPEN!

Shelley's woes:

Here is 1 I just had to share.  I did this last week.

Oh yes, I did that!
You get it out of the dedicates bag, & you like WTH happened??
My 1st reaction was anger at the product. Then I calmed down and went over all my steps leading up to that mess.  
OH CRAP!  I didn't see the special tag, with washing instructions.
"DO NOT WASH" until after project is sewn. This was my 1st time ever buying one of those pre-cut strip packs, and I just didn't notice it.  My bad!
I indeed massively screwed up!  It took me 1.5 hours of cutting that mess apart. $13 smackaroos down the drain.  :(
I will attempt to resurrect this nightmare, and post an update later of what I could do with it. 
So. Many. Tears and swear words.
I know we are not alone, I often see those I tried to make it from
Pinterest me em's.  Those are no joke!  They make us laugh and think I knew I wasn't the only 1!
This one is a doosie, a Pinterest DIY Swiffer Duster, made from fleece.  DO NOT USE CHEAP FLEECE!  Especially that Nursery Fleece!

I was pretty MAD how crappy the fabric was.  I spent 1 hour I will never get back and $10 bucks in  making this useless piece of junk.
I will be tearing apart the other one that I haven't cut.  I think I can salvage that one.
**Rant Warning**
I am very disappointed in today's fabrics.  What is readily available on most shelves is not that great.  I always try and find sturdier fabrics, and avoid real cheap thin ones when possible.  I would love to purchase a higher thread count fabric.  I like to feel and touch it 1st!  Most massive chain stores do not carry the good stuff.  

 Alyssa's woes:

  I recently wrote about a project I had been working on for 2 years. Shelley had bought me laceweight yarn, and I was supposed to make something pretty just for me with it. Well, I did the entire wrap, minus the ends (which were another several repeats, ack!), and I hated it. HATED it.
2 years for something I ended up hating.
So, I made the heart-breaking decision to frog it. Frogging something, in knitting/crocheting terms, is to completely rip the whole thing down and salvage the yarn, if you can. Luckily, I was able to salvage what I had used (2 1/4 skeins of grey alpaca mix), but that isn't always possible. If you rip and rewind a yarn more than 2 times max, you ruin the elasticity of it, and it will droop and sag in projects. It's not pretty when you wreck $32 worth of yarn.
much happier with it now.
  I have also had the Saga of the Socks. I was making 2 pairs of socks, one for my dad, and one for my step mother. Yeah... the original yarn I chose KILLED my fingers. I literally had skin peel from my fingers from trying to knit with tiny needles. Wrong kind of yarn means pain and agony. Totally learned my lesson on that one: be extra sure of the weight of yarn for project!

Looks good, but I was only able to make one sock
  And then I tried to make a knitted motif set of gloves, using some gorgeous yarn I got from https://www.tinkyarn.com/  . Let's just say, the fiddly little needles and the yarn, while all right, were not my best friends. 
We're becoming a shawlette now. Screw you, gloves!
   The moral of all these stories: Always read your labels, and make sure the projects aren't above your skill level. Oh, and it's ok to have a drink after the tears and anger. Herbal tea works very well, unless you need something stronger...
So have any of you ever had a project go really wrong?  Please share in the comment section below.

Happy Crafting! Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters!


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