Spring is Here!

Hola Mi Amigos,
I have been busy, busy, busy.  I say Adios to Tejas and Ye  Haa to Kansas shortly.  Thats right, I am moving twice in 1 year.  Welcome to the military life.  I will be spending the summer with my family.
I am not sure what kind of posts I will have for you.  The majority of my crafting supplies will be in KS while I am in MN.  I have been busy going through containers and finding various treasures.  
I even found my card stashes, that I sell.  We are hoping to do a sale while I am home.

                     Easter Eggs & Baskets

(1) Package of Water Balloons
(1) 12" Balloon
(1) 1.75 oz Petroleum Jelly
(2) Aunt Lydia's size 10 Classic Crochet Thread
(1) Pair of Scissors
(1) Plaid "Stiffy" Fabric Stiffener
(1) *Optional Air Pump for blowing up Balloons
(1) Paper Bowl
(2) Tarps
(1) Roll of Paper Towels
(1) 12x12 Sheet of Paper
(1) 1 Yard of Lace
**Gloves made it impossible to handle balloons!

Lets get crafting!

Easter Eggs

1.  Tarp all areas!!!!
2.  Blow up and tie strings to all Balloons.
3.  Cover all balloons with Petroleum Jelly.
4.  Have diaper wipes and a roll of paper towels at the ready.
5.  Pre-roll SMALL batches of yarn, by winding it around 4 fingers.
6.  Pour a little Stiffy Stuff by Plaid in a disposable paper bowl.
7.  Gently set string roll in bowl, and gently squirt more stiffy stuff all over yarn.  DO NOT DROWN IT!  Work in SS by gently pressing down yarn and not moving it around.  Knots happen!
8.  This is the tricky part.  You have a slippery balloon and slippery yarn.  Slowly wrap yarn around  balloons and makes sure no excess glue is on  the thread.
9.  When you are done wrapping them, tie balloons up on something, so they may hang dry.  Make sure your tarp is underneath, it will drip.  
10.  Let  dry for  24 hours, and then pop balloon and remove carefully.

Voilá! Your very own custom egg decorations.

Easter Basket

Tie up Balloon 1st from hang dry area.   It is imperative you do this, or it will be a nightmare.  
Follow steps 1-10.

I then gently cut a hole where I wanted the opening to be.  I glued strips of lace to cover and strengthen opening.
I made the base by cutting (1) 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper into (2) 2.5 x 11" strips.  I then scored a 1/4"  on each end.
I placed double stick adhesive on just 1 end of each strip.
That formed a base for me.
I also added lace all the way around as well.
I am using this as my daughter's Easter basket.
You could also use it for a table centerpiece and fill it with treats for you guests.

                                        HAPPY EASTER!
With love from Texas, Shelley!



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