Crafty ladies are crafting!

  Please excuse the messy coffee table. When I get going, I just toss stuff on it, haha! The yarn is called Salty Sea Air, and I bought it from It's a sock weight Superwash Merino, and it's got oodles of stretch and squish! You get a lot of bang for your buck too; 400yds makes a pair of socks! I have cast on the second sock, and I am already on the leg section.
  I used to think making socks in the round was so very difficult, but after making socks flat, I figured out how to turn sock heels and make gussets. I'm still not perfect at it, but it's no longer an obstacle. Yay! I also have learned the Kitchener Stitch, which is a closure method that grafts live stitches together. This is the video I used: Kitchener Stitch. YouTube is a godsend when it comes to learning new techniques!
yes, those are Star Wars pyjama pants
side view

   Shelley has been crafting as much as packing will let her. I know that yesterday she finished a traveling ironing board. She hasn't sent me any instructions on how she made it yet, but I did get a picture of the finished product:
Cute fabric!
  I also want to let people know that I open for commissions again! Is there something you want to have made for a Christmas gift? Or maybe a birthday, anniversary, etc? Just send me a message either via Facebook, or email (, or on here in the comments section. We have a lot of things posted on Instagram (@2daintycrafters), and occasionally Twitter, when it wants to work with me (daintycrafters). So, help feed my yarn habit, and commission me for something nice today! 

Craft on!
Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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