I can haz spring now?

  *Yawn* Good morning! Not a lot of sleep here, and the coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet. Shelley is still packing to move by May, and I'm still plugging along on as many projects as I can get on my hooks and needles. Ooh Shiny Syndrome (OSS), the bane of my existence. My mother once told me that Grandma Taylor had a box full of half finished projects, so I'm in good company, I suppose
  My birthday was March 31st, and I got some birthday money from my dad and stepmom, so I socked it away until I could order some yarn from Expression Fiber Arts. I LOVE all the colors, and the fibers are very luxurious, but they're also rather pricey. 2 skeins cost me, with shipping, $50. I waited, updated the tracking info twice a day, until they came on Monday. They are totally worth the money.

  The multi colored one is called Russian Blue, and it's a superwash Merino Silk Pearlescent Fingering weight. The skein is a nice 550 yard amount. I kind of wish I had ordered 2 of the same, but I think I will be able to work with the 2 colors I have. It is sooooo soft, and smooth. It just slips so sweetly through your fingers. I have it currently cast onto metal needles, but this yarn would be better cast onto wood or plastic needles, due to the slickness. The colors are beautiful, and this picture does it no justice.
   The second skein is called Salty Sea Air, and it is a resilient superwash Merino sock yarn. It has a considerable stretch and squish, and comes in a 400 yard skein. I can imagine a sweet pair of socks made in this denim-y colored yarn, but I think it's going to end up as the border for the shawl I'm making with the Russian Blue. Yes, I know they are different weights, but they look very pretty together. If I don't need the Salty one for the shawl, I may make myself a pair of fingerless mitts with it. "Why not socks, since it's a sock yarn?", you may be asking. Because I can't do anything "normal", hahaha!
  I have downloaded a plethora of new patterns. I have almost completed a sock knit traditionally on 4 dpns. Boy, does that move so much faster than the ones I knit flat! I can see why people get "addicted" to sock knitting. I don't know if I will ever be that person, but I can definitely see the appeal.
  This weekend, the hubs and I are traveling to perform a wedding in South Dakota. {Shameless plug: he can perform weddings in all the states surrounding Minnesota, and is willing to do character weddings (think the Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride, or Friar Tuck from Robin Hood)} I am going to make the handfasting cord for it, and still need to find a wedding gift! Oye!!
  Have a great rest of the week!

Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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