Organizing ourselves... Can it be done???

Alyssa had a great idea.  She said, "why not talk about how we organize for our daily lives and stay organized for homeschooling".  As we both admitted to losing passwords, because we wrote them down on scraps of paper or in other notebooks, and then somehow manage to lose important stuff.  Go figure ;)  For the most part we have our stuff together. Get you Junk Emails ready! If you want the good stuff, they want your email.  
Shelley's list:

For daily paper, billing, chores,to do lists, and cleaning I love Becky's site:

Check out her free printables here:

Or her Etsy site here: 

On Pinterest I like :

Free Bill Tracker

Home Management

Busy Mom Binder

Organize With Me

Home Schooling  has it's own challenges. If you do not hit the ground running and stay on top of it, you will have a huge nightmare on your hands real fast. I use a 2" Binder to store all this years work. It includes tab dividers for each month and is well organized.

I use this site for making my transcripts and can be stored on your PC or Laptop and edited later.

And we just located this via the Minnesota Homeschool Alliance Facebook page:

Alyssa's List:

I'm not quite as organized as Shelley, I'll be the first to admit! In fact, this whole post was inspired by the fact that I couldn't remember a password, and was stumped as to the answer to my 3rd secret question. Apparently my musical tastes are more eclectic than I originally thought. At any rate, here are ways that I organize our lives around here.

For homeschooling, I use a 2" binder, with tabbed areas marking off each kid's stuff. Shelley is doing this for one high schooler, and I'm trying to coordinate a middle/high school and elementary age grouping. Oye vey. I have been doing this for over 7 years, and I still don't have it all together. Oh well. I also admit to falling off the wagon with the binder more often than I should, but somehow the kids get educated. Shelley did mention good stuff up top, and here's another good one:
It's only good for tablets, you can't use it on a computer, but it does calculate grades and keeps track of a great many things. If only I used it more consistently....
 For everyday stuff, like housekeeping, I have a list of chores I taped up on the wall. It shows the daily chores, like picking up and dishes, and also breaks down the week into rooms. For example, Monday is Living Room and Dining Room day. Dusting, sweeping, etc are done specifically in these areas. Tuesday is Kitchen, Wednesday is computer room, and so on. I originally did it so the boys and hubby would know what to do when I wasn't home, but it is incredibly helpful for me on days when the depression/stress makes me motivation-less. I know that the cleaning is in manageable chunks. I didn't download anything awesome for it, but I did look at stuff like the Clean Mama site to get some ideas. 
 Now, for crafting organization. This year I have been really trying to keep dates and materials together, as well as keeping track of the money I have spent on said materials. I also need to keep track of who has commissioned me to make something, and what I charged for it. So, to keep myself on task, I got one of those Mom planners.
Kev thinks it looks like she's eating the kid

I love the space for writing notes and the month at a glance at the beginning of each month pages. I originally got it for homeschooling, but yeah... that lasted about 3 months before I said screw it, lol! 

 I also have a craft business planner, along with the book that goes with it. I would love to turn my hobby into a business someday.... we'll see!

 Now, after the saga of the password/secret question problem, I have everything written down in one little place: a password keeper. Get one. Seriously. It is the greatest thing for those of us who use the internet for all kinds of things, like couponing and crafting. I keep mine in a safe spot (no, I won't tell you where!), and whenever I change things, like phones, I have all my info in a place I can easily get my hands on. I have seen ones you can get on your phones or tablets, but I prefer a paper one. Not as easy to hack, see. 
 This has been another "How do they keep from going completely off the wall??" post. We're still crazy, but we're organized about it!

Keep crafting!
Alyssa and Shelley, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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