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  Hello all! Wow, this is post #75! I can't believe Shelley and I have written this much. Wow. Shelley is currently on her way to Kansas from Texas, and I will be seeing her within a week or so. YAY!!! Can I say I have missed her crazy self? Because I have.
  Well, she has been working on her sewing and quilting, and I have been knitting socks. Yes, socks again, haha! This time I am doing it the traditional way, with 4-5 dpns (double pointed needles), and I have found that I am understanding how to turn a heel and create a gusset. I made one sock, then after knitting up the second, lost the first for a day or two. Turns out it was hidden under the couch. That's what I get for knitting in the living room, ha!
First time using merino sock yarn for socks!
Got some practice using a cable needle

learned the Kitchener stitch for this

I have started a new pair, using up the leftover yarn from making my step-mom's socks. I think I even have enough of the yarn from dad's left to make another small pair. It is so much faster to knit socks in the round. And weirdly less stressful. Learning the Kitchener Stitch was also fun; I enjoy learning new techniques for my projects. This is the video I watched several times. 
These may not fit me, so someone might get them as a present.
The cables were good to practice on. At church I have started a craft club, and I want to get a prayer shawl ministry going. The ladies have requested a pattern, so I have created an easy one, and it can be adapted to use several techniques, and I am using a cable pattern in the center of it. The main pattern won't have to have a cable, but I like the look of it so far. It will use about 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn, and I am hoping to create kits for it, so that people can take the kit home and work on it from there. PS, if anyone wants to drop a buck or two towards that, 100% of money for that will go to making the kits, and the prayer shawls are for anyone in need of comfort.
  Speaking of charity, a different group I belong to online is creating blankets for Project Linus. This is the website if you're interested. I have been wanting to do more charity crafting, and this is definitely up my alley. I've only started today on it, and so only have about 5 rows on it, but I like it so far. Making things for others, family or strangers, really makes me feel good. Sure, I have some things for myself lined up, but to see how happy I can make someone just really makes it worthwhile.
Start of row 3 here; currently at 5 rows.
  Follow the @2daintycrafters on Instagram to see how it transpires!
  Shelley has me working like a dog on other projects as well. Currently, we are perfecting our scrubbies, and should have several up and going soon. Here's a sneak peek at a prototype I'm working on.
for those hard to reach areas
  Well, that's it for this week. I'm going to keep working on socks and shawls and blankets, and Shelley is going to be moving/unpacking/visiting for the next month, so I'm not sure when she'll be posting again.
Craft on!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters



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