Yay for feeling better!

Hi everyone! Last week the plague hit our house. First time in a loooooong time, in fact. So, no crafting or blogging was accomplished, since I was either recovering, or working at my part time job. But now, I am all better, and ready to write!
  I have several projects on needles and hooks lately. I just can't seem to commit to just one project to finish, and that's starting to become a problem. I also have a plethora of yarn that I need to use up/get rid of. So...much...acrylic...yarn. To be fair, only a small percentage of this acrylic yarn was bought by me. I have inherited, through various people, the large stash of almost full skeins, weird colors and projects that just went nowhere. So, I have decided to crochet an afghan; specifically, the Retro Ornament Throw by Red Heart. The motifs are quick, and I use up an amazingly large amount of scrap yarn in the process. I already have 6 motifs completed out of 84; each group of motifs is either 5 or 6, and these will eventually be crocheted into strips, and then the strips joined. I have toyed with the idea of just making a ton of motifs, and seeing how many afghans I can Frankenstein out of them, haha!
This was the first completed motif
The only issue is that I will probably have to buy a white yarn to join all these crazy motifs together. *sigh* There is only so much Frankenstein this chica is willing to do, I suppose.
  I also have 4 shawls and wraps in progress. I have redone one 3 times now. I had received 2 skeins of yarn from http://tinkyarn.com/, and I was able to make a pair of mitts from the watermelon/pinkish hued worsted weight, but the sock weight was just bogging me down. I couldn't make the long mitts I originally wanted to, and the lace shawl I got 2/3 done with failed miserably. I finally have settled on a small shawl that is crocheted, and I am hoping to have that done soon.
Yeah, these gloves were a fail. *sadface*
  On a happier note:
LOOK WHO'S BACK!!!!!! I only have her for a little while, but our crafting adventures are gonna be awesome! And probably wine filled. Which is also awesome! Expect to hear a bit more from her when she is settled in at home.
  Well, that is all for now. The weather is muggy and damp, which means I need the A/C on, which I hate having on if I don't need it. My feet get cold. Ah well, #firstworldproblems. I am going to take many more pictures this week, so I have something to show on the next blog post. Thanks for reading!!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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