Another year paid for!

  Hi everyone! I have bought us another year of this particular domain name, woohoo! The company we got it from is very good at getting notices to the consumer, starting at 6 months out. To be honest, I rather like it, since I have an annoying tendency to forget things like lunch, a week's worth of laundry to be folded, and the domain name registration. O.o 
  It's been kind of a bad week already here in Casa de Glassel, mostly because of the Internet news cycles. Election season is leaving a horrible taste in the mouth, and horrible people aren't getting the punishment deserved. So, it's been really hard to think of something fun and crafty to write on Ye Olde Blogge today. But, I am nothing if not an eternal optimist, so here we go!
  I have been wanting to make something to wear to work that isn't the gigantic sweater I made this past fall. I'm supposed to wear a jacket of some sort, to look professional for the professional types who come into the frame shop. The Problem: it's too freakin' hot to wear a suit jacket. Seriously! I sweat bullets after just 15 minutes under the lights in the shop. So, I'm trying to find a lightweight compromise that I can wear with the colors I already have. Sure, I could go shopping for a linen or other lightweight material jacket (and my boss already offered to take me shopping), but I will be honest: I hate wearing suit jackets. My mother gave me several from when she worked at the bank, and they're very nice, but oof! Too warm!! So, I have been on the hunt.
  After months of searching (and aahing and oohing over other pricier projects), Pinterest and Ravelry came through. I found a pattern, originally printed in Simply Crochet magazine, called the Rainbow Mandala Waistcoat. Of course, I'm not making it in rainbow colors, because that would require me to buy more yarn, and I am not allowed right now. *side eye towards hubby* I do have a bunch of DK weight yarn that I was going to make socks out of (and miserably failed at), so I decided to go in that direction. So far, I am liking the colors together, and I think it may work out well, and if I work hard, I may even have it done by Thursday! Maybe. Doubtful. Ah well, I will try hard anyway!
I'm currently on round 13 of 39. It really goes quick!
  So I have a ton of projects on hooks and needles, so I can rotate projects when I get bored. I may list them all next time, with pictures, but I don't have them all properly photographed just yet.
  If you would like me to make something for you for the holidays (6 months away folks!), like hats/scarves/mittens/shawls/scrubbies/etc, you need to contact me very soon! Handmade things take time, and we want to help make your holidays special. Please email us at so we can get things started. 
  That's all I have for this week; thanks for reading!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters :)


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