Projects Galore!!

  Hello all! So, this post is going to be all about the many, MANY projects on my, and Shelley's, plates. Yeah, we suffer pretty hard from "Ooh Shiny" syndrome (OSS for short), and we just can't do one thing at a time. No, we need many things on hooks, needles, sewing machines and embroidery hoops. So, let's dive in, shall we?

 Made this small needle book from a kit I got with the Cross Stitcher magazine. It's a UK magazine, and it always has a small kit to make. I already have a needle book, but my good friend Jean√© needed a little something to cheer her up, and as she is a seamstress/costume designer, who better to get it? It should get in the mail tomorrow; it's raining today, and I'm not walking all the way to the post office in this!

  Please ignore how terrible I look in this picture. I'm no good at selfies, and hate having my picture taking in general, but I needed to model the headband I made for my friend, Melissa, who is visiting from New Orleans. She will be staying with us tonight, and then heading back Wednesday morning. Hopefully she will be moving back to MN soon, as Louisiana isn't really her scene. This was made with very stretchy sock yarn that I had left over from making a bag... that I need to make a cord for. Oye!
   So, as I have said before, I (re)started the craft club at church, and the one project that we all decided we wanted was a prayer shawl project. So, I wrote up a couple of very simple designs, and this is my adaptation of the stockinette design. I am doing a cable up the center, which gives the Lion Brand Homespun yarn an even cozier feel. I am really loving how this is turning out! I've only had to tear back a row and a half so far for a mistake in the cable, but it's really easy to do while watching tv or listening to an audio book. Current listen: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

My dad and stepmother go to Florida every February, usually for the whole month, or close to it. They came back this year with a skein of 100% alpaca (soooo soft!) for me. I wound it up with my ball winder, and have been contemplating what to make with it for several months. I finally decided, since it was 155 yards, that a scarf would have to do, and found a nice pattern that's reversible! It's the Caswell Scarf, by Janet Harvey, and I found it on Man, I love that site! I should utilize it more...

  This is the Candleflame Shawl, by Dean Crane, also found on Ravelry. I inherited from the church about 3 skeins of this Angel Hair Stripes yarn, and had NO idea what to do with it. It's an interesting mix of browns, whites, reds and oranges. Ok, so I thought it was rather ugly, but it's sooo soft! It's also super bulky, so it shows the design rather well with size 15 circular needles. Not sure what I will do with this when it's done, but it will certainly be different.
   So, this is how far I am in the Garden Walls wrap from Jane Austen Knits. It's countless rows of stockinette stitch, with laceweight yarn on size 8 needles. I think I may need to get a size 8 circular needle, to help the strain on the wrists. These long needles can really wear on you! I do love the way it's looking though. When it's blocked it's going to look fabulous!

So, still loving making socks! This is the only pair I'm currently on, and I'm making for Shelley's daughter, Samantha. I hope they fit... might have her try this one on to make sure. If it doesn't fit, I am sure I will find someone else they will fit! You might recognize the yarn; this is leftover from the pair I knit flat for my stepmother. I don't know that I will ever knit a flat pair again; the knitting in the round just goes smoother!

  This yarn is a DK weight, and was too hard on my fingers for making socks (as I found out to my chagrin; live and learn.). However, it's working beautifully on a size E hook for this Mandela Waistcoat. Again, it's on Ravelry, under Rainbow Mandela Waistcoat. This one I bought, however. It really is peaceful to make, and I look forward to wearing this to work soon!

  This is an in progress Happypotamus for my friend Denise at the bank. This is the back end you're looking at. It's a join as you go sort of pattern, and it can be a little tricky, since it's sock weight yarn and a size E hook. However, it's going to be so cute when it's done! PS, if anyone wants a Happypotamus toy for Christmas, shoot me an email and color choices. These will be about $40 each. 

  Last, and certainly not least, is my final Tink Yarn project. I must have torn back and restarted this yarn on something like 4 times. The pattern is called the Pink Delight Shawlette, by Barbara de Bruin-Karnekamp. Yes, Ravelry, haha! Simple, repetitive pattern, and this already has a home with my friend Brenda... when I get it done. I think I need a few more arms and hands...

  So, this is part of what I've been up to. I enjoy the crazy, I guess! But what has Shelley been up to, you might ask? Gardening. She's only here for another 5 months, so she's been getting her back yard up to snuff; mulching, planting, etc. I have a bunch of pictures, but that is for next week's post. Have a great rest of the week!
Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters

Post Script: I just looked at my calendar for when to write certain posts, and realized that THIS post was supposed to be about her garden, and this post was supposed to be in 2 weeks. I don't want to rewrite everything, and I need Shelley to give me more info about her garden anyway, so yes, next week is the Garden one. Oye, I think I need some more coffee... A.


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