Caca Pourri DIY & Back To School

We all love DIY articles, but have you ever tried them?  We do constantly here at 2DaintyCrafters.  We share our successes as well as our epic failures.  I have chosen 4 variations of recipes I found online in Pinterest.  To be honest they are almost all the same.  What seems to vary is scent and type of alcohol. 
Have any of you ever bought the Poo Pourri?  I couldn't afford the 9.95-26.99 they wanted, even though it was a big bottle.  I mean no disrespect to them.  I am sure the product is wonderful.
If you want buy some and not make it yourself here is their site:
You should go check out their website just to watch the commercial.  It's stinkin hilarious!!!

Today I am making it for the 1st time.  Over the next few weeks, we will be trying it out and doing a follow up at a later date.

Recipe 1
1 OZ Glass Bottle                                                                Cost $2.19
Alcohol Type-1 year aged Vanilla and Corn Vodka           Cost per OZ $  .60
Essential Oil- Lavender 40 drops                                        Cost per OZ $11.99

Recipe 2
1/2 OZ Plastic Bottle                                                           Cost $1.79
Alcohol Type- Rubbing Alcohol                                         Cost per OZ $ .10
Essential Oil-Lemon Grass                                                  Cost per OZ $6.39
Essential Oil-Bergamot                                                        Cost per OZ $14.99
Essential Oil-Grapefruit                                                       Cost per OZ $9.89

Recipe 3
1 OZ Glass Bottle                                                                Cost per OZ $ .92
Essential Oil-Tea Tree                                                         Cost per OZ $14.99
Essential Oil-Eucalyptus                                                     Cost per OZ $9.99
Essential Oil-Wintergreen                                                   Cost per OZ $9.99

Recipe 4
1/2 OZ Plastic Bottle                                                          Cost $1.79
Alcohol Type-Vodka                                                          Cost per OZ $ .40
Essential Oil-Pine                                                               Cost per OZ $7.99
Essential Oil-TX Cedar Wood                                           Cost per OZ $14.99
Essential Oil-Lime                                                             Cost per OZ $5.39
Each bottle contains 40 drops of Essential Oils.

*You need to shake the bottle well with each use, and use 3 sprays before using the commode.

The cute labels I did at Avery
I love the fact Avery has stepped up and expanded our options.  I love this FREE site!
They cover everything you could possibly want to make for a label.
Thanks AWESOME Designers at Avery, your work is appreciated!

I am promoting DIY, not any companies Essential Oils or other products.  I will leave that up to you.
Please do in a well ventilated area.  Do not use EO's if Pregnant, Becoming Pregnant or under age 3. 
Unless under the care of a certified aroma therapist and or licensed practitioner.

This month has flown by.  I (Shelley)usually have this month as my down time.  For the 1st time ever in over 15 years, I have been so dang busy.  I made some cup cozies, pens for work(I will do a post at a later date), working with new mediums for card designs, made a bunch of cool new cards & used some new tools.  I am supposed to be tearing up carpeting that my naughty doggy wrecked, but oh well there is always next month.  I know there is more I am forgetting, but I need to get back to finishing this post!!

Dear Parents,
It is Back to School already. Whether you Home School, Public or Private,  please get your supply lists together and take stock of what you have at home.  BTS(back to school) Sales have already started.  Please take advantage of them and save some $$$.
Avery had this on their site 
If you need someone to watch the sales for you and notify you check out the Krazy Coupon Lady@ 
I(Shelley) do my best to hook you up with the right deals, businesses, and people who can help you. 
We receive no compensation for any of this. We are just paying it forward!!!
Remember, if you are having trouble with affording School Supplies.  Check with your local school or county and see what community out reach programs are available to help you.  There is no shame in asking for help.
We are all on this planet together, let us help one another and lift each other up.
In fact I challenge anyone who can donate $10.00 or ten dollars worth of supplies to your local
BTS drive.  I will be doing that one using the sales going on right now.
Thanks for listening,

 This is Alyssa, and holy carp, have I been busy with homeschool prep! I spent all of today, cutting, printing, pasting, and organizing, and I have now one week, for one child, ready. Only 35 weeks to go! Oye... You can follow my pictures on Instagram, either at @2daintycrafters, or my personal one, @mistressoftheknit. I am still knitting and crocheting in my down time, and I do have a post on camping coming up! Thanks for all your patience, dear readers! Love, Alyssa :)


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