Uh oh! We accidentally took a couple of weeks off. Suddenly, it's July, and I (and Shelley!!) got so busy we forgot to blog, and do daily Instagram, etc. She's working full time (was only supposed to be part time!), and I have been all over the place. I promise you, we haven't lost interest, just been summer time busy! On a side note, I can still smell the balloons I was filling with water on my hands...
  So, as I may have mentioned a time or too, my husband is a minister, and I started a craft club there. One of the older gents at church, whose name is Gus, kept mentioning that he had a couple of bags of yarn that he wanted to give me. Well, I was thinking grocery sack size.... nope. 30 gallon size black garbage bags... stuffed full! It was also obvious, from the smell, that he had stored these for quite some time. What to do, what to do... why, wait for a hot, sunny day, and lay all the skeins out in the front yard!
Thanks Gus!
  Now the hard part is finding the space to store these! There is a lot of white yarn in there, and that made me super excited, because that means I don't have to buy the white for the afghan I'm (sort of) working on. Woohoo!
  Shelley has been uber busy with work, but was able to make some strawberry goodies a couple of Saturdays ago with her one of her daughters, and her aunt and a cousin. (I will be honest, I was glad I wasn't invited; canning isn't my most favorite thing. Sorry Shelley! <3 you!) She sent me over some pictures of what they did:
  We went to Pine Tree Orchard, and picked 5 flats of strawberries. It took 4 people about an hour and a half to pick those! I had a wonderful time with my Aunt, Cousin and daughter. We worked as a team, spending many hours mashing and stirring those strawberries. We did the No Cook method, and filled up my freezer!
So shiny and delicious!
I also did my first attempt at using a dehydrator. They turned out all right, but I learned that I need to switch the trays half way through the drying process. Dehydrating with barely any instructions is a bit difficult. I did 4 trays of strawberries, which only yielded 1 large jars worth. Taking out the stems was the hardest part; invest in a stem remover to make life easier!

Dry! Dry! Dry!
Ram a lam a Jam!

Shelley has also been working hard on her back yard. She only has a few more months here, and so needs to get it all done ASAP. So here are a couple of pics of her yard:
She grows a lot of herbs out front
Around her light pole in front

Another view of the front herb garden
This is now all mulch, with produce.

Cissy! She's adorable! 
  She also has a raised box garden in the back, but currently it's not in real use. I wish I had taken one of her sun garden against her garage wall, but I forgot. Bad me! Shelley can make so much grow... and I just hope I can keep that one lonely aloe she gave me alive!
  Well, I am still hip deep in projects. I had to work on Tuesday, all day, and as it was the day after the 4th, it was DEAD. I managed to nearly finish a hat (need to make the pompoms yet) that can fit an extra large head comfortably. Do you have an extra large head? Would you like a hat with pompoms? Email me!
I love these colors!
 Last, but not least, on Instagram there are often giveaways from the various crafters and dyers. Well, I wanna win this. I have been drooling over her rainbow sock yarns for quite some time, and these mini skeins would be so much fun! MothyAndTheSquid is her etsy shop, and while she seems to be on a short break for summer, it's nice to check out what is around. Cross your fingers and toes so I can maybe win something, woohoo!
Craft on! Love, Alyssa and Shelley, 2 Dainty Crafters!


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