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  Hello! I missed a week...again! So, this week will probably have 2 posts, one from me, and one from Shelley. She had sent me some pictures too, and then I switched phones, and lost those pictures. Dangnabbit! So anyway, what's been going on?
  Well, it's getting time for the homeschool year! I have been researching for high school level courses for Number One Son, and need to get going on the Packie's 5th grade work. I have decided that by the time September rolls around, I will have everything basically printed out and sorted, so that on the days I am at work, Kev can just pull out the work and it will get done. We usually start good and by Christmas time we give up on a schedule, but every year we get further and further, so this year should be even better. I have already started stocking up on lined paper, graph paper, printer paper and ink, but need to get some scissors. I only seem to have safety scissors, and they're not going to cut it this year... get it? Yeah, lame, sorry, been hanging with the Mr. just a bit too much, and the puns are rubbing off on me.
  I don't use a boxed curriculum. It's hard to find quality, secular boxed curriculum, and often times it's quite expensive, so I scour the Internet for deals and freebies. is now my new best friend. Textbooks ya'll!! is the math curriculum we use; I admit I'm not a great math teacher. The programs aren't cheap, but so worth it! You can just buy the computer program without all the books, and it works just fine. This is why I stock up on graph paper, so the boys can work out the problems, and their handwriting, in an orderly fashion. Bunkie is starting Pre-Algebra this year, and Packie is doing Math 5, which I already own. Beautiful part: after the boys are done with the courses, I can sell them for practically what I paid for them. Which reminds me, gotta list Math 4 here soon. Anyone interested in the Math 4 (4th grade) program? I actually have the workbook (never used) and the parent's manual. $100 ($20 cheaper than the website) to a good home. Seriously!
  We're going to be ransacking websites for high school level reading and writing too. I own a great many books here at home, but not the usual ones, like Slaughterhouse 5, etc. We're going to look at some Shakespeare too, since Bunkie can read Tolkien, so it's time to get some more language under his belt. He's so ready. Packie is still working on reading; he's only 10, and forcing kids to read isn't a good way to get them to want to read. He does like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid style books, but he has also read parts of The Hobbit, so I don't despair. Might be time to get him on Harry Potter...
  Packie is going to be using as a supplement to his science. I already have many of the magazines, and the bonus to those is that you can download the teachers and students unit study to go along with the magazine. I need to see when their next magazine sale is. is currently holding their "Pay What You Want" sale; you can pay $0, but you have to wait to download your stuff. It only goes until the 22nd, so I need to hurry. Currclick can be a bit hit or miss for secular stuff, but you can use the search bar to get to that. I have nothing truly against religious curriculum, other than quite a bit of it is science phobic. I live with a walking, talking Christian historian/pastor, so I don't need any other religious instruction for the kiddos, haha!
  Shelley and I have been planning and scheming things for the rest of the year. I need to actually finish some projects, like the socks I'm currently knitting, and the Happypotamus I'm crocheting. I also need to get some clean yarn for the Project Linus blanket I want to make. So many things, so little time!
  Sorry no real pictures this post; follow us on Instagram (@2daintycrafters) to see the things we post and like!
  Craft on! Alyssa, aka 2 Dainty Crafters


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